Our Blockchain Expertise

Cryptocurrency Development

Secure transactions
Transparent ecosystem
Reduced transaction costs

Our blockchain experts have accumulated unique experience in delivering cryptocurrency projects and the development of both ERC-20 and custom blockchain protocols and tokens to address business challenges.

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Crypto Exchange Development

Real-time market visibility
Enhanced wallet security
Accelerated transaction speed

Unicsoft’s cryptocurrency exchange services strengthen our customers’ crypto trading businesses by developing secure and flexible exchange platforms that enable easy transactions and provide a market intelligence.

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Legally compliant tokens
Easy transfer of ownership
Increased liquidity

Unicsoft’s blockchain development experts provide security token development services to help customers securely raise money for business ventures, to create, manage, and trade security tokens effectively.

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Wallet Development

Reliability of decentralized operations
Cost-effective transactions
Easy access to crypto assets

Our cryptocurrency wallet development service provides our customers with secure, easy-to-use and regulatory-compliant storage of their crypto assets, which prevents unauthorised transactions.

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Application Development

Greater transparency & easier auditability
Gains in process speed & efficiency
Operation costs reduction

Unicsoft provides custom blockchain development services for enterprises aiming to address the key business pains they face: low productivity, error-prone processes, reduced visibility, and financial risks.

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Smart Contract Development

Cost-effective processes
Faster transactions
Eliminate transaction fraud

The Unicsoft blockchain development team creates Ethereum and Hyperledger-based smart contracts that provide automation and autonomy, and trust for all stakeholders.

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Track And Trace Solutions Development

Mitigated fraud risks
Real-time visibility
Reduced expenses

Within our blockchain development services, we enable businesses to effectively monitor, manage, and track all supply chain movements, building transparency and trust for supply chain participants.

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Factoring Solutions Development (DeFi)

Mitigated financial risks
Transaction security
Operations optimization

We make the factoring process transparent for micro-financial institutions (MFI) while providing an automated, low-overhead way of securing the transactions enabled by smart contract technology.

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DApp Development Services

Streamlined processes
Enhanced data security
Failure-proof operations

Being a blockchain development company, we help companies leverage blockchain technology to reduce transaction costs and guarantee the highest level of stored data safety with decentralized applications.

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