Our Blockchain Expertise

Cryptocurrency Development

Secure transactions
Transparent ecosystem
Low transaction costs

Unicsoft blockchain experts guarantee enhanced transparency in the crypto ecosystem, with faster and immutable transactions through creating cryptocurrency solutions.

Our engineers are skillful in developing stablecoins - cryptocurrencies backed with reserved assets that ensure strong payment security and allow investors to avoid high fees when entering or exiting the cryptosphere.

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Crypto Exchange Development

Better market understanding
Enhanced wallet security
Accelerated transaction speed

Unicsoft cryptocurrency exchange services strengthen our customers’ crypto trading businesses by developing secure and flexible exchange platforms that support easy transactions and provide trading charts with market data.

We achieve high system adaptability and accessibility through implementing a user-friendly interface, scalable architecture, Blockchain APIs, and advanced trading features in our solutions.

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ICO & STO Development

Legally compliant tokens
Easy ownership transfer
Increased rights liquidity

Unicsoft blockchain development provides Security Token Offering services to help customers raise money securely for ventures, while providing an opportunity to create, manage, and trade security tokens effectively.

To launch ICO, we help customers develop high-quality utility tokens that meet required specifications. All tokens are built with strict compliance to ST-20, ERC-20, ERC-721 standards.

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Crypto Wallet Development

High reliability of decentralized operations
Cost-effective transactions
Crypto assets accessibility

We provide cryptocurrency wallet development services to supply our customers with secured, easy-to-use and regulatory-compliant storage for their crypto assets, enabling easy payment gateway integrations and preventing unauthorised transactions.

Among the blockchain solutions created by Unicsoft, there are wallets supporting the tokenization of rights that increase the value of ownership rights while raising liquidity.

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Track And Trace Solutions Development

Fraud risks mitigated
Real-time visibility
Reduced expenses

Within our blockchain development services, we allow businesses to effectively monitor, manage, and track all supply chain movements, building transparency and trust for supply chain participants.

The blockchain-based track and trace solutions created by Unicsoft help manufacturers and brand owners combat counterfeit, guarantee quality and authenticity of goods, and leverage product lifetime analytics compiled in the system.

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Factoring Solutions Development

Mitigated financial risks
Accelerated factoring process speed
Transaction security

We make the factoring process transparent for micro-financial institutions (MFI) while providing an automated, low-overhead way of securing the transactions enabled by smart contracts technology.

The Unicsoft blockchain development team develops Hyperledger fabric solutions aiming to tokenize invoices and speed up the factoring process, thus improving its security and reliability.

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Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Greater transparency & easier auditability
Gains in process speed & efficiency
Operation costs reduction

Unicsoft provides custom blockchain development services for enterprises aiming to address the key business pains they face: low productivity, error-prone processes, reduced visibility of production flow, and financial risks.

We implement blockchain technology by applying: payment commitment tools to mitigate risks, AI technology for accurate predictions, and process digitization to raise productivity.

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Smart Contracts Development

Cost-effective processes
Secure, faster transactions
Transparent and error-free operations

The Unicsoft blockchain development team creates smart contracts to facilitate an automated execution of business contracts with tamper-proof, fast performance and no intermediaries.

We develop smart contracts, based on your business needs, to digitize repetitive and routine actions within your organization and, thus, reduce operating expenses, optimize time and eliminate human errors among processes.

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DApp Development

Streamlined processes
Enhanced data security
Failure-proof operations

Being a blockchain development company, we help companies leverage blockchain technology to reduce transaction costs and guarantee the highest level of stored data safety with decentralized applications.

DApps give enterprises more control over processes by allowing each network party to access applications freely, guaranteeing transparency and eliminating data loss possibilities due to permanent storage in the blockchain.

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Blockchain Consulting

Assessment of project’s blockchain potential
Business-oriented product roadmap
Seamless blockchain integration

Our blockchain consultants cover all challenges emerging in blockchain development while delivering a thorough analysis of current business processes, specifying needs for blockchain solutions, and estimating value from the blockchain applications in your business.

We help customers select appropriate technologies for future blockchain projects, enable Hyperledger Fabric security, and advise on tools and methods for better blockchain performance.

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