User-Friendly Platform for Smart-Contract Minting

Unicsoft creates a completely decentralized platform for deploying smart contracts and minting tokens by content creators themselves.
The Client
The client is a market leader in delivering smart contracts to users. The company takes part in the process of creating and customizing contracts on demand, minting tokens with a wide variety of audited contracts, tracking contract usage, deployments, interactions and token ownership, and more.
Business Challenges
The client turned to Unicsoft for assistance with launching a new project — a platform featuring a straightforward UI for smart contract minting. The idea of the project was to create a platform that would not demand coding knowledge from users by using existing smart contract templates to mint tokens and create NFTs.
The main challenge was to make the platform easy to use yet powerful enough to meet the expectations of the designers and creators seeking a convenient alternative to complex blockchain solutions.
Technology challenges
To implement the product’s idea, Unicsoft has covered all stages of the solution development: business analysis, smart contracts development, web app development, product launch and maintenance, which comprised the following tasks:
Analysis of business processes, specifying non-functional requirements.
Creating functionality for minting single NFTs and collections.
Development of the web application based on functional specification.
CI/CD process setup.
Solution deployment and testing in a production environment.
The Solution
The solution developed by Unicsoft is a fully decentralized platform that allows users to deploy smart contracts on public blockchains. The platform provides:
  • NFT minting on ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards
  • Batch Minting to minimize gas fees on tokens creation
  • A library of smart contracts templates
  • Integration with Web3 wallets
  • Powerful management tools
  • IPFS protocol support
Library of smart contracts
The solution contains a library of ready-to-use deployable smart contracts. With it, users can create their own smart contracts based on the chosen templates from the library and start minting tokens for their items. No coding or developer skills are required.
Batch Minting

To make the process even more efficient, Unicsoft developers created the Batch Minting feature. This function solves the issue of minting many items separately.

With Batch Minting, a user should fill out an Excel file with meta parameters for the token (token title, links to images, etc). The platform then transforms all this data into a blockchain transaction. Then, the user only has to sign this transaction and wait for minting.

The Results

Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the platform is an ideal solution for artists who want to sell NFTs but do not have a deep knowledge of blockchain and related technologies. The platform offers a straightforward way to mint tokens based on the smart contracts users create.

Using popular marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible doesn’t ensure that a user will fully own the tokens they mint since they relate to the smart contract of a marketplace. With the platform developed by Unicsoft, a user becomes the owner of a smart contract they create and the sole owner of the minted tokens.