NFTs aggregator for trading success

Unicsoft guided discovery & proof of concept development for the NFT platform that would facilitate collaboration between NFT traders & investors.

About the project

The client came to Unicsoft with an idea for streamlining the NFT trading process. All NFT traders know how challenging it is to be the first to buy a rare NFT. The process can involve dozens of hours of monitoring the NFT market and hundreds of NFT marketplaces.

The idea was to create a platform that could do a few things at the same time – aggregate NFTs from other marketplaces and automate the searches and purchasing of hot NFT assets. The solution is designed to convert the most challenging processes into solid NFT trading benefits.

The company wanted to create a seamless experience for collectors and maximize the chance of success for traders.

Business challenges

The NFT market has opened up new opportunities for traders and investors to capitalize on new assets as they become available. New NFTs and collections are added to marketplaces on a daily basis. This makes it harder and harder to track price changes due to announcements affecting collection releases and their actual launch.

Previously, NFT collectors didn’t have tools to search for and automatically buy a sought-after NFT. This introduced the need to streamline the trading experience in a way that would allow for automated searches and purchases.

Technical challenges

To validate product’s idea and create an efficient product development roadmap, our team had to take into account a number of tech requirements:


The product should ensure a dazzling performance:

Speed: Our sniping automation needs to consistently react to metadata reveals and respond with a buy transaction that is planned for the next development sprint.

Reliability: The consistency of the system will determine how many rules we can successfully execute.


The platform should be as widely accessible as possible, as well as compatible with the latest versions of web browsers and work seamlessly across a wide range of handheld devices.


It required integration with Reservoir. But due to its constant changes, the API of the solution required regular updates from our side as well. 


The solution would run on AWS cloud infrastructure utilizing message-based architecture and modern technologies like Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, Learn, etc.


The solution

The solution is a web-based app fully loaded with a set of features for optimizing and automating the process of searching for and purchasing NFT collections so as to maximize potential profits.
The client turned to Unicsoft to run the product discovery and test their idea. Our team ran discovery tests, validated the product concept, and planned MVP development that included all the tools and features required for successful NFT trading.

Project Phases

Our team began by analyzing the client’s original idea and then researching the current market. We provided a detailed plan on who would need to do what and when.
Proof of concept
At this stage, we demonstrated that the idea would be useful and in demand and checked the feasibility of the project (mainly, monitoring and sniping features). With the validated PoC, the company could be one step ahead of the competition.
Our team compiled a product roadmap from scratch, taking into account all the requirements provided by the client and our business analysts.

Key features

User dashboard
provides a full picture of a user’s NFT investments, including the overall count of NFTs, significant price changes of owned NFTs, full NFT portfolio stats, and Opensea metrics.
Rule-based sniping
allows users to set rules for purchasing NFTs. The platform automatically tracks the matches based on the rules set and buys the asset, when applicable.
Mass bidding
helps users make multiple bids and maximize their NFT trading success.
Profit reports
can help users evaluate the effectiveness of their trading strategies. Reports include detailed information for each NFT.
Collections research
provides advanced analytics of NFT collections to help users make data-informed purchasing decisions.
Wallet explorer
lets you research any wallet and retrieve information like NFT transaction analytics.
ensure that users don’t miss any important updates such as the launch of a new NFT collection, price changes, NFT auto purchases, etc.
simplify the trading experience by keeping all the NFTs of interest in one place.
allows for connecting users’ crypto wallets and authorizing them on the platform.

User roles

While running the discovery and PoC phases, we singled out three key roles on the platform:
A user can access a limited set of features, like checking the listings of NFT collections.
Basic member
A user can take advantage of a few features like the dashboard, searches, profit reports, and others.
Premium member
A user has access to all tools, including automated searches and purchases of NFTs.

The result

Unicsoft’s team successfully completed product’s feasibility study and did all background work required for successful MVP version development that would empower NFT traders with the following benefits:

A simplified NFT trading experience

Automatic searches and purchases of NFTs

Analysis of NFT trading portfolios

A full picture of NFT investments