Full-cycle development


Full-cycle development

We can handle end-to-end software development at a competitive rate and ensure a smooth software product delivery. Choose the most convenient way of cooperation with your software provider and make the changes today. Let’s make the digital transformation happen together!

With Unicsoft you are getting access to a pool of more than 100 tech talent. Get all the benefits of your local software development or Data Science team with more efficient costs and timely results. We have been providing expertise since 2005. Our portfolio really stands out from the crowd with striking projects.

Big data and back-office automation are big priorities for the small and medium-sized business. Enhance your digital capabilities with Unicsoft Big Data & Business intelligence team. We convert your company’s information into structured, analyzable insights to improve and optimize decisions and performance.

We use Apache Kafka and Hadoop to solve challenges involving massive amounts of data and computation. We are able to transfer your SQL infrastructure from standard deployment to BigData environments such as Apache Hadoop and Spark. It allows us to store and scale more data. In addition, we can apply advanced analytics, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning to your business.

Why do you need Business Intelligence?

One of the best solutions in today’s digital-first and information-overloaded world is to adopt a Business Intelligence (BI) strategy for greater understanding of organization’s data, making data-driven decisions, and deepen your customer knowledge to boost sales.

The main value of Business Intelligence for business:

  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Improved employee and customer satisfaction

What can Unicsoft do for you with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence?

  • Predictive analytics
  • Behavioural analytics
  • Neural networks, CNN, RNN
  • NLTK/semantic analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Scoring & risk assessment
  • Recommendation engine
  • ETL and DWH

Our dedicated and involved Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence experts will extract insights, patterns, and relationships that can be used to make decisions. Let’s get the most value for your business. We combine best machine learning algorithms with the right people and well-designed processes. Let’s create a win-win project together!

It’s also possible with modern Start Home devices to make our lives more comfortable and secure, track everything and gather data for further insights. IoT startups are most likely to disrupt adoption within the enterprise and B2C markets.

We’ve been working with recognized hardware developers for years. We are certain hardware we use is secure during all lifecycle stages: from manufacturing to use by end customers.

Unicsoft covers software and embedded development. We will design, prototype and later scale up your IoT software product delivery.

Our main experience in IoT software development consists of:

  • IoT mobile application development
  • IoT web application development
  • Smart home IoT software development
  • Manufacturing IoT software development
  • Device management software solutions

We have the top talent for your IoT initiative
We hire the best IoT talent and continually develop their hard and soft skills. Our experts are truly capable of digital transformation.

We are flexible and involved
We value every customer and build strong personal relationships. We really care about your business and offer flexible terms.

Proven record of effective software product delivery
Our expert team has worked on many IoT related projects, building end to end internet of things solutions. Read our Success Cases to find out more about our expertise.

Our services in blockchain software development:

  • Supply chain Blockchain solutions development
  • PreSTO & STO
  • Tokens Development
  • Development of Crypto Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges Development
  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Transaction Security Protocol Implementation
  • Smart property
  • Blockchain Architecture

Unicsoft experts keep up with the latest trends, tools, and platforms. Our developers create end-to-end custom blockchain applications for various business challenges. We use blockchain-related programming languages (Java, Go, Solidity and other).

Our experience in blockchain software development expands across various frameworks:

  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Ethereum
  • Waves & Stellar
  • EOS
  • NEO

We build custom web applications for startups, small and mid-large scale businesses using a wide range of technologies. We solve complex problems that are often a combination of both frontend and backend stacks.

Depending on your business needs, we will analyze and select the best delivery approach for you, combining multiple technologies. We work with Java EE, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, Golang (Google Go), etc. With the right guidance from our web software developers, UI and UX designers, and project managers, your business will propel to the top of your industry.

Why choose Unicsoft?

Individual Approach & Regular Feedback
We keep you informed, communicate openly, and build trust. You’ll have the feeling, it’s your in-house team. The lifelong partnership is our goal.

Transparency and Accountability
No hidden extra cost, transparent time-, task-, and progress-tracking. We care about your business, our reputation and make sure we build clear, transparent, and sincere relationships.

Impeccable Track Record
Worldwide successful partnerships with clients in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden, and other amazing countries. Unicsoft team has completed over 200 software product deliveries.

Here’s what our experienced mobile development team can do for you:

  • Mobile MVPs for startups
  • Social and Entertainment mobile apps
  • Marketplace and eCommerce mobile solutions
  • BabyTech mobile apps
  • Secure mobile inboxes
  • Mobile apps to track connected IoT devices
  • Apple Watch software development

Our Project Management practices help us in delivering the right mobile application, as you need it. We create usable apps engineered to perform. Drive engagement and loyalty of your customers with mobile apps, web interfaces, and strong backends created by Unicsoft team.

Choose to nearshore your software product testing with Unicsoft and you will get high quality, effective communication, and cost-effective approach. A wide range of Quality Control experts will ensure your software product is delivered with reliable performance.

Manual Testing

We will identify and eliminate bugs, make sure that your product meets industry requirements and is ready for the launch.

QA Automation

QA Automation is more suitable for long-term projects to accelerate the delivery of software product features and achieve higher quality.

Hire a dedicated team of QA engineers

We will help you identify the required testing capacity, suggest the appropriate timing and select the most qualified and experienced QA team or single engineer.

Have an idea for an Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain project?

Let’s discuss it!

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