Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet

An open-source Ethereum wallet for tokenized assets management

AlphaWallet is a consumer-facing application that enables seamless experiences for cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens management
About the product
Gaps in the market
Popularity of cryptocurrencies and tokens is increasing, while early adopters and users face the following constraints:
Token user experience for distributed applications are poor, as they are fragmented and have complex UI
Businesses that want to create a token and distribute it among their clients or stakeholders, need to develop their own wallet for this purpose, which is time- and cost-consuming.
Users lack easy to use tools that would integrate their wallets for token management with other DApps to sell, buy or exchange their assets with a wider audience.
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet

AlphaWallet Solution

AlphaWallet is an Ethereum based application tailored to help individuals manage their tokenized assets: fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is the most popular fully open sourced Ethereum wallet on iOS and Android platforms with more than 600 forks used by enterprises and small projects alike. For businesses, AlphaWallet offers a white-label solution that can be easily customized by them and would support different tokens (including ones that do not follow ERC standard)on demand:
AlphaWallet enables peer to peer network,
where users could easily execute token transactions among each other.
AlphaWallet supports the TokenScript standard
, which helps to create customized and intuitive interfaces for various tokens.
The wallet supports a Web 3.0 browser
, that empowers users to access different DApps (e.g.: for buying or exchanging tokens) through AphaWallet interface.
It helps users to manage their tokenized assets
in a simple way: with your car ownership token in the wallet, you can control, sell, transfer, collateralise or share it.
The wallet helps users manage their NFTs
effectively: Users can see their NFT across multiple chaines, with images in the wallet and load NFT assets directly from marketplaces.
AlphaWallet supports all public and private EVM
(Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks, thus enabling a variety of tokens in the wallet.

How it works

Create or import a new wallet in the application with a personal private key
Use a dashboard displaying all tokens you have
Add a new token after making sure that a relevant network is selected
Send and receive tokens through using your wallet public address or the QR code
Set speed for a transaction through specifying the amount of gas you are willing to pay
Buy more cryptocurrency through entering needed applications in the browser
Leverage secure backup and recovery process

Unicsoft team partnership with AlphaWallet

Unicsoft partners with AlphaWallet in two main dimensions:
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Providing organizations with while-labeling and customizations of AlphaWallet as a service partner.
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Providing AlphaWallet team with cryptocurrency wallet development talents for ongoing product development.

Unicsoft contribution to the core wallet development:

Since 2020, Unicsoft strengthens AlphaWallet development team with top-notch talent pool, to deliver solution upgrades and new features:
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Wallet summary creation

Development of the dashboard for users to monitor:

  • an aggregated sum of investments in all wallets connected
  • daily updates of token price index and volatility
  • net change of price for all tokens in the wallet
  • price of all tokens in the wallet comparing to fiat currency (U.S. dollar)
  • tokens yearly and monthly statistics
  • transaction history for chosen token
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Enhancement of an entry point into external DApps

Since the wallet offers access to different DApps and often they have a rather outdated and hard to integrate interface, our task was to make user experience with them as simple as possible through adding them to the wallet. We worked on integration of services that allow to buy and exchange tokens:

  • HoneySwap
  • Oneinch
  • Uniswap
  • Rump
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
New networks support

To enable users leverage a variety of Ethereum networks and tokens supported by the wallet , our continuous task is to connect new networks via updating the source code of the application:

  • add support for sending requests to a new RPC server
  • write parameters of new native crypto: name, decimals, etc
  • add support for receiving transactions from new network
  • process use cases for new networks: support of external services, add new service, etc.
Forking AlphaWallet
AlphWallet chose Unicsoft to act as its technology partner assisting anyone who wishes with customizing and white-labeling the wallet which AlphaWallet kindly provides as an open-source solution. We usually resolve the following tasks for AlphaWallet customers:
Self-custodial Web3 wallet

connect new networks

Self-custodial Web3 wallet

develop new features on-demand

Self-custodial Web3 wallet

perform interface customization in accordance with the company’s brand book

Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet

Blockchain Expertise

Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Web 3.0 browser
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
EVM networks
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Smart contracts
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet

Technology Stack


Results of our cooperation with AlphaWallet

Unicsoft provided high level engineering talents that were able to pick up the nuances of the project and adapt to the customer’s processes very quickly. We were always ready to staff candidates of rare stack or unique skills, as well as those who were capable of going the extra mile to drive the project's success.

Unicsoft team always met customer’s requirements and committed to the results. Our account management team was very helpful in facilitating communication and ensuring the right support throughout the engagement.
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
“The talents from Unicsoft are really good and were able to pick up the nuances of the project and adapt to our style of working really quickly. Through the engagement, we are continuously able to deliver value to our customers.”
Self-custodial Web3 wallet
Sunil Tom Jose
Chief Operating Officer, AlphaWallet
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