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About client

Our customer aims to unlock the potential of blockchain technology in the sports business through a fan-centred platform which enables interactions between clubs, athletes, business partners and fans through various services, like Fan Tokens, NFTs, Smart Tickets and much more to come: SoccerCoin. It’s a blockchain based ecosystem that connects the fans with their beloved sports teams and generates a win-win situation for all stakeholders, as fans require being much more a part of the game than in the past, through integration in decision making processes and by enjoying special emotional moments, while clubs are forced to create new recurring revenue streams through technology.

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Our client has approached us with an idea of platform features required, but without having the technological framework defined. Therefore, our challenge as a technology partner was to define together with SoccerCoin each of the key features and use cases from its technical side and to assure proficient implementation of the MVP version by our development team.

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We have started from the discovery phase, to cover the following:

Make a thorough analysis of the market and specifically competitors to define an overall business model, product vision, and business requirements for the product. 
Create functional (use cases) and non-functional specifications of the solution that are crucial for backend and blockchain modules.
Design solution architecture and make technical feasibility studies with risk assessment, restriction, and assumptions.
Conduct technical analysis of the blockchain aspect in the solution to define system tokenomics, token interaction and interoperability, ICO parameters, etc.
Create UI/UX design screens and mockups for Web App and Mobile App.
Develop a detailed implementation plan with the budget and timeline estimate for the next phases.

Development scope

We have started from creating an MVP version of the product – a decentralized blockchain platform, that allows sports teams to create and easily manage their own Fan Tokens, as well as sports fans to purchase various sports collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), e.g. real items like t-shirts, balls, cards, as well as magnificent sports moments, videos or digital sports-related arts.

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Setup product architecture: AWS development environments, CI/CD pipeline, database integration, etc.
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Develop both front-end and back-end functionality for the SoccerCoin landing page and web application.
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Create a Fan Token Launchpad, that enables clubs to tokenize fan engagement by using Fan Tokens for votings, lotteries, polls, purchasing sports collectibles, tickets, etc.
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Develop a workspace for sports clubs to enable them to easily manage their own profiles, NFTs campaigns, fans communications, and digital revenue statistics.
Generation of a PDF bill after NFT purchase: users get confirmation of purchase via email.
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Develop features for NFTs management:
  • creating new NFTs through their minting in the blockchain 
  • removing and modifying NFTs
  • NFT collections management
  • NFT packs management
  • NFT campaigns management
  • NFT ownership management
  • NFT storefront statistics
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Make integration with a Metamask wallet, so users could buy NFTs on the platform using their own BNB coins.
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Create a smart contract that would define and manage the auction logic on the NFT platform.
KYC integration: to validate buyers’ authenticity before the purchase.
Integration with a third party database: to store all users’ data in a single database for further customer service efforts.

Product Development Roadmap

Building a minimum viable version of the solution as a first step, the SoccerCoin team plans to revolutionize sports through creating a full blockchain ecosystem in the future. The SoccerCoin Platform will cover the following advanced features:

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The SoCo Token
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Fan Tokens
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Smart Ticketing
The SoCo Token

As the native digital currency of the ecosystem, SoCo will be used for payments, receiving and redeeming loyalty rewards, discounts, buying and trading NFTs, access to polls, auctions, etc.

Fan Tokens

Representing branded cryptographic assets of the sports club, fan tokens will grant fans with a voting power, priority in ticketing, access to the special group of supporters, as well as a payment method for club related items.

Smart Ticketing

Based on the NFT technology, Smart Tickets will prevent that fake or illegal tickets are sold as well as generate royalty fees for the club on each reselling of Smart Tickets via the SoccerCoin platform, hence creating a secure and reliable secondary ticket market platform.  

Our expertise

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Smart contracts
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Binance Coin (BNB)
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Binance's Token Launchpad
Binance Smart Chain
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