Platform for making multimedia products for children


ZZ Wolf is a Ukrainian company that creates mobile multimedia applications. In 2009 they decided to start a new business in the area of mobile multimedia products for children, specifically to create a series of interactive lullabies and fairy tales. Since the market by that time had already formed and appeared to be highly dynamic and competitive, they looked for a solution which would allow them high speed of creating of interactive books for children on one hand and low cost of the production process on another.  The idea was to develop a universal platform based on which designers could make a new fairy tale or lullaby using their design and animation skills, without any assistance of software engineers.


After assessing, reviewing and updating the technical specification provided by the customer, Unicsoft suggested developing the platform as a fully managed project with a fixed price which fit into the customer’s budget. Therefore, we were in charge of development process planning, team selection and management. We managed to put on board several experienced developers quickly and for the next six months, they were working on a cross-platform mobile application. The development was arranged in the agile manner, which implied presenting interim results to the customer, gathering their feedback and making the necessary fixes and improvements. Also agile development allowed ZZ Wolf to start creating books for children for both iOS and Android before the project was completed. ZZ Wolf started the production in the beginning of 2013.

Next half of the year, Unicsoft continued improving the product and developing new features on its roadmap.



In parallel with the development, Unicsoft also helped customer in establishing the books production process and arranged knowledge transfer on the use of the platform so the customer’s employees were able to start creating books as early as possible. The project was also delivered within the customer’s budget. Unicsoft is still providing technical support for new versions of the operating systems.

Currently ZZ Wolf has created a separate platform with the most beautiful tales and lullabies for children – called ZZ Tale. An interactive fairy tale allows both reading and interacting with its characters. Fairy tale books for iPad, iPhone and Android create an atmosphere of magic on a device where characters come alive by a reader’s touch and the nature awakens.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: AndroidAndroid NDKiOS NDKOpenGLiOSMobile development

Client: ziziWollf (Aleksey Honcharuk)

Platform: iOS, Android