ChatGPT-Powered AI Assistant for Sales Teams

The Unicsoft engineering team developed an intuitive tool that leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to streamline the operations of sales development representatives (SDR) and marketing teams.

About the Project

The Unicsoft engineering solution automates lead processing for the sales team, streamlining communication. It features a trained bot for everyday sales interactions that provides quick, relevant responses to website inquiries. The chat covers product/service queries, shares case studies, and highlights company expertise. It also integrates client requests and details into the corporate CRM, which requires only minimal review and adjustment by SDRs before sending.

Problem Statement
Streamlining sales operations and optimizing customer interactions pose persistent challenges for businesses. SDRs often grapple with several key issues that hinder efficiency and affect customer relationships:
  • Time-consuming routine tasks sales reps spend significant time on. These include email outreach, follow-ups, and appointment scheduling, diverting their focus from core activities.
  • Human errors in data entry, tracking, or communication cause inconsistent customer interactions. All that can impact customer engagement and trust.
  • Inadequate handling of website inquiries or client requests can result in delayed responses, affecting customer satisfaction and potentially leading to missed sales opportunities.
The Solution
The Unicsoft AI sales assistant solution has two components: an admin panel for AI model training using corporate data and a chatbot designed to suggest answers to SDRs. To train the model, users provide a question-answer spreadsheet along with resources related to specific topics — case studies, brochures, presentations, or other materials. A typical tool interaction workflow involves the following steps:
Incoming client requests in the CRM are seamlessly transmitted to the app via API.
ChatGPT, trained on various cases and common inquiries, autonomously generates a response to the client’s request.
The response is relayed to the CRM through the API and stored as a draft in the comments section.
SDRs review and fine-tune the response if necessary before sending it to the lead.
The bot provides instant chat responses to inquiries about the company’s expertise or experience, suggesting relevant case studies or other sales materials.
Unicsoft’s tool offers a swift, easy-to-deploy solution ideal for companies managing routine tasks. Any business seeking to minimize client waiting times — from websites to e-commerce ventures and service-based firms — can benefit from the AI-based sales assistant. Its module-based architecture lets users incorporate custom features such as image recognition and web crawlers for online search. Moreover, the proprietary training module eliminates the need for an in-house ML engineer as it features standardized input for seamless model learning.
  • Adaptability to CRMs, including Zoho, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, and others.
  • Deployable across corporate websites, e-commerce platforms, and similar setups within 1-2 months.
  • Enhanced efficiency: the sales department can manage more inquiries or handle the same workload engaging fewer employees.
  • Accelerated returns as higher inquiry volumes lead to quicker ROI, potentially within 3 months.
  • All API integrations are handled on the backend while users engage with an intuitive interface.
  • The ChatGPT 4 API creates AI models that can be used by external entities.
  • Flexible AI model training on diverse data, conditions, and responses to fine-tune accuracy and style.
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