Robust Web and Mobile Payment System with a Modular Architecture


Unicsoft delivered a tailor-made web and mobile payment system
that perfectly balances security and functionality

About the Project

Our client entrusted us to develop a proprietary web and mobile payment system that would be easy to use and scale so that it could later be enriched with functionality for asset and investment management. The solution had to fulfill security, compliance, accessibility, and usability criteria. The Unicsoft team successfully addressed the project needs and the system provides efficient payment solutions to our client’s customers.

Challenges in web and mobile application development encompassed:
  • Migrating the build system from Gulp to improve building, testing, and deployment processes and ensure seamless project scaling
  • Establishing communication between multiple system’s services
  • Developing specific business logic that covers a variety of transaction types and integration of various third-party libraries
  • Ensuring smooth UX flow
  • Maximizing the application’s code reusability
Technical Solution
Initially, we transitioned the web version’s build system from Gulp to Angular CLI. We had most services communicate through APIs, with their own documentation, which we easily made with To run services, we used a Docker container, which guarantees strong system stability and simple installation regardless of machines or operating systems. To optimize testing efficiency and code reusability for the mobile app version, we designed code based on clean architecture principles. These steps decreased the need for manual configuration and let us quickly move on to other challenges, which we tackled by:
Implementing the dependency injection principle using Dagger
Creating a modular system, with each module functioning independently
Implementing E2E tests on Kotlin
Integrating BioID, Fotoapparat, and Zxing third-party libraries
The payment system incorporates the following features:
  • Registering and verifying clients using face detection and document scans
  • Account management, user notifications, and multiple language options
  • Making different types of payments, receiving and withdrawing funds, as well as applying gift vouchers
  • Visualization of transactions and payment method options like credit cards, bank accounts, and more
  • Transaction details overview, including searching, sorting, and lazy loading of transaction details
Our company provided a fully functional, state-of-the-art web and mobile payment system with multiple features that work consistently across all platforms. Unicsoft’s technical solutions had a positive impact on the project’s outcomes, including:
Enhanced Time-to-Market: Angular CLI upgrade facilitates rapid feature release, boosting market responsiveness and competitive edge
Error Mitigation: Modular isolation and focused testing reduce risks. Specific unit testing and issue resolution maintain system integrity
Reliable Operations: Our app ensures secure transactions and clearly visualizes payment methods for comprehensive financial insights
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