A secure and easy-to-use web and mobile system

The client came to us with a request to develop their own proprietary payment system, which should be represented as web and mobile applications. The main requirement was to build a secure, robust and easy-to-use system.

The Unicsoft team has implemented such features as:

  • client registration with a verification (with face detection and document scans);
  • making different types of payments and visualization of transactions and assets lists (credit cards, bank accounts);
  • receiving and withdrawing funds;
  • using gift vouchers;
  • managing account, user notifications and localization;
  • transaction details overview (search, sorting, lazy loading).

In the mobile application, all possible ways of developing business logic (various transactions) and integrating 3rd party libraries (BioID, Fotoapparat, Zxing) were implemented.

The web application consists of many services, so the main task was to set up the communication between them. Most of the services have own APIs and documentation, which was easily created with

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: Android SDKAngularJSCSSDaggerHTMLKotlinREST APITypescriptJavaXMLXSLTMobile developmentPayment systems

Platform: Web, mobile