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Unicsoft helped international law firm realize their vision of an intelligent contract drafting software to error-proof the contract drafting process and ensure consistency with legal standards.

About the Project

Our client specializes in corporate law and often faces the repetitive task of contract drafting. They approached Unicsoft with a need for an efficient contract drafting tool to streamline their services and gain a competitive edge in their rapidly evolving niche, which is facing disruption from emerging technologies. Unicsoft’s experts proposed tapping into the potential of generative AI (GenAI) to enrich the solution with features like automated contract generation, compliance tracking, and enhanced collaboration opportunities for team members. This solution was designed to seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing software systems.

Problem Statement
The challenges faced by our client are quite typical for the legal industry that grapples with ongoing technological disruptions. Law firms are eager to embrace emerging technologies like GenAI to enhance efficiency, yet the adoption process entails uncertainties and risks of the unknown. Here are some of the issues that compel firms to turn to AI-enabled automation solutions:
  • Time-consuming manual drafting.
  • Inconsistent contract quality.
  • Difficulty in keeping up with regulatory changes.
  • Limited customization options in outdated software.
To bolster development, our engineering team introduced the AI Adapter. This platform, a Unicsoft proprietary development, is a flexible constructor to build sophisticated AI solutions and ease their integration into existing business systems. Based on this technology, we created a tool that can automate the generation of legal contracts, ensure adherence to the latest legislation, and offer flexibility in tailoring contracts to specific pro-debtor or pro-creditor orientations:
Contract generation workflow begins with user input for new contract criteria. The tool runs the orchestration module to select AI plugins for text generation, compliance checks, and context analysis.
Legislation compliance workflow verifies references in the contract using a text processing plugin and accessing third-party legal databases to ensure accuracy and compliance.
Pro-debtor/pro-creditor adaptation workflow analyzes contract provisions and adjusts them to the specified orientation, considering legal implications and user preferences.
Case law compliance workflow accesses external legal databases to cross-reference contract provisions with up-to-date case law, minimizing legal risks and ensuring alignment with legal precedents.
In architecting this contract drafting software, the Unicsoft team focused extensively on integrations. The Unicsoft AI Adapter simplifies access to relevant data sources and streamlines workflows, which saves costs for our client. By integrating with external systems like legal databases and government data registries, our software provides access to comprehensive legislative references, case law data, and real-time information to cross-verify contract provisions. Securing internal system integrations (CRM, ERP, and more), we provided technical capacity for efficient storage and retrieval of precedent contracts, management of client information and preferences, and handling of business operations data relevant to contract terms. Here is the list of integrations:
  • Legal databases like LexisNexis and Westlaw provide access to comprehensive legislative references and case law data, facilitating compliance checks and contract assembly.
  • Government data registries provide real-time access to case law to cross-verify contract provisions and allow retrieving the latest legal data via API-based queries.
  • Sharepoint integration allows the system to store and retrieve precedent contracts using direct data connections and API interactions for file management.
  • Salesforce integration enables managing client information and preferences, synchronizing client data with contract creation workflows to tailor contracts to client needs.
  • SAP integration handles business operations data relevant to contract terms and lets retrieve data automatically to contextualize contracts.
The development of the AI-powered contract drafting software improved efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and user satisfaction for our client. It positioned them for greater success and helped them attain the following goals:
Reduced contract drafting time. Our client reported that drafting contracts is now 50% faster than with the manual process.
Enhanced accuracy and consistency. The software minimized errors and discrepancies in contract documents by automating compliance checks and context analysis tasks.
Improved compliance and risk management. Thanks to real-time updates on contract compliance status, the client can manage risks proactively and better adhere to legal requirements.
Streamlined workflows. Integration with external legal databases and internal systems, such as CRM and ERP, enhanced contract management and team collaboration.
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