Productivity tool for collaboration and project management


Intellinote, a U.S. startup working on a team collaboration application,  got in touch with Unicsoft in the autumn of 2013. At that time the founders were “bootstrapping”, or creating the first version of their product by their own means, without involving any seed investments.  The product is intended as a simple, user-friendly solution for small teams of any professional profile, for project management, collaboration and communication. Intellinote looked to speed up product development in order to engage new users and potential investors while keeping their expenses reasonable. In order to achieve this, they needed high-quality developers at a lower cost.


Based on the project schedule, the client requested a distributed dedicated team of three Senior Java Developers and one Senior Front-End Engineer. Simpler said than done J – on the one hand, the startup needed highly experienced people with good communication skills who would be able to work in the startup environment, where requirements change frequently and there is no clear technical assignment for the whole project. On the other, we had to keep in mind the budget restrictions.

Since the skills and personal qualities of the initial team are critical to every early-stage startup, Unicsoft paid great attention to candidate selection. Actually, we introduced to Intellinote more than 20 candidates before we were able to find the developers that became the client’s core team.


Over the year 2013, Intellinote completed a beta version of their workforce operations management.  In January 2014 it was officially announced that Intellinote had secured USD 4.3 mio as venture investments. Over the year 2014 a lot of new features were developed, and the application turned into a comprehensive platform which provides teams with the tools they need for productive work on their projects. As of December 2014, Intellinote had attracted over 13,000 organizational customers globally with its unique and cost-effective product.

Over this period, Unicsoft’s developers have been key participants of the project, working on Intellinote’s web version.  As we took over the function of initial team search and pre-interviewing as well as administrative tasks related to team’s day-to-day work, therefore the customer was able to focus on more strategic goals, such as roadmap planning, product development and monetization.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: AtmosphereJSBackbone.jsElasticSearchJava EESpring Hibernate

Client: Venture Aviator

Platform: Web