Data Science for Automotive Dealer


Smart devices data for target advertising


One of the Leading Automotive Dealers (further – AD) that has been performing its activities since the 1990s in CIS and Eastern Europe is looking to increase the company’s revenue by exploring new monetization opportunities. The idea is to use the data collected from smart devices installed into a car for Target Advertising and to increase additional revenue stream through presenting precisely targeted, high-quality ads to car owners and sharing added value with selected DSP and SSP platforms.

AD’s internal analytics team required additional expertise which was not available at the moment, specifically: expertise in complex BigData processing and building SaaS solutions for IoT and Advertisement domains. Unicsoft was able to offer the required expertise which laid grounds for further long term collaboration.



As a result of Business Analysis stage, Unicsoft and AD defined key points of the solution:

  • auditing the current DWH & ETL solution, and identifying collectable data and key characteristics about it;
  • gathering data from GPS, smart devices and other gauges that could provide user data;
  • clustering the user data based on key features;
  • classifying users and providing initial ballpark prediction of users’ response to target advertisement;
  • analyzing historical data on users’ responses to ads and using machine learning techniques to enhance responses’ predictions over time.

In order to implement the solution, Unicsoft, set up a dedicated team comprised of Big Data and Predictive Analytics experts who provided further mode improvement, support and consultation in the deployment process of this solution as a stand-alone solution for AD.



Unicsoft successfully implemented and deployed the solution which allowed AD to build additional revenue stream in cooperation with several DSP and SSP platforms; R&D investment carried out by AD reached the breakeven point within 12 months.

The prediction of car owner’s response lead to lower than expected number of opt-outs, positive response of car owners to new service and high advertising conversion rates.

Given these projects are completed, AD indicated a high level of delivery, R&D value and top-notch class of specialists involved. AD encouraged Unicsoft on further partnership that led to another Data Science initiative in Automotive Insurance domain.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: Apache CassandraApache HadoopApache HiveMLlibPythonScalaInternet of thingsMachine Learning