Airport Guide


Flight planning app

Airport Guide for Pilots is designed for pilots to aid in flight planning by answering questions such as what airport has a paved runway at least 4000 feet long above 5000 feet MSL in the state of California between 100 and 150 miles of Los Angeles. With Airport Guide for Pilots, you get the database to search on the go with 47,000+ landing facilities. Most Airport Guide for Pilots features can be used offline so user can research the airport, perform E6B calculations with one of the many aviation calculators, and reference the aviation Book library. User can also use the handy Find Nearby Airports button on the home page to immediately show the nearest fields to his location using the GPS coordinates.

User can save any airports as a Favourite and it will show on the home page when user opens the app to immediately tell the user current flight conditions (VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR). Select the airport and get key airport information such as the latest METAR, location, comm frequencies, runway info, FBOs, and fuel.

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Platform: Mobile (iOS)