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Big Data & AI technologies mitigate data security risks & improve customer experience in data management services.

Challenge: How to discern insights & detect anomalies in a sea of corporate data


Unicsoft customer is a leading Office 365 email migration and cloud management provider in the UK.

Operating in highly competitive enterprise environments, the organization needed a fail-safe method to detect anomalies in massive amounts of data. They needed to be able to detect and alert their clients about data breaches, fraud, or other suspicious activity before it became a massive problem.

In the cloud data security space, one undetected breach can change a client’s business forever, so the stakes could not have been higher for this enterprise service provider.



OneClassSVM, IsolationForest, Elliptic Envelope, Neural Networks; Kibana, Python, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, mpl_toolkits, Basemap, Sklearn.



Dedicated data science team



Cloud data, SaaS cloud solutions



Data Processing, Machine Learning, AI, Outlier Detection, generating actionable data-based insights.

Solution: AI-based end-to-end intelligence system preventing data security threats

Unicsoft developed a comprehensive intelligence solution using AI & ML algorithms for the email data ecosystem to empower an organization with the following data management capacities:

  • detecting and analyzing threats to the email ecosystems much faster, alerting customers of any potential issues;
  • having the early-detection capability necessary to identify fraud, data breaches, unauthorized users, and security flaws;
  • segmenting customers based on behavior and pattern matching and building customized marketing services based on this data.

Unicsoft’s solution is a custom intelligence model, integrated seamlessly with the organization’s email services. Our team built a Python-based script to automate data collection and anomaly detection for the organization, combining it with a sophisticated machine learning algorithm.

For ease of visualization, the developers decided to deliver the anomaly and novelty detection system as a Jupyter Notebook (an easily shareable open-source web application), enabling the Python code to be easily analyzed and iterated upon for future prototypes. The engineering team utilized Kibana Elastic Search to process data on the fly, with no intermediate data storage required, allowing for much greater flexibility and agility on behalf of the client organization. The custom-built Neural Network then ingested the data, using machine learning to categorize information and determine which anomalies truly required immediate attention.

Results: Reducing spending & increasing customer satisfaction 

Higher customer retention rate: In early testing of the prototype, the organization has already witnessed a reduction in SLA violations and an increase in retention rate.

Reduced costs on legacy systems: Due to the easily customizable Python-based algorithm, integration of the Unicsoft intelligence solution allows the organization to reduce spending on costly legacy systems in the long run.

Avoided downtime costs: Thanks to security threat detection, the organization alerts customers of any potential issues early enough to avoid costly downtime.

Prevented data breaches: Our customer is able to identify frauds and data security flaws before they become a problem for the enterprise.

Increased customer satisfaction: The organization is able to build customized marketing services based on their behavior segmentation and pattern matching.

Unicsoft developers and business analysts have a wealth of AI experience and a comprehensive understanding of the AI tech stack and possible applications. We can help companies determine how to best apply AI to their current business challenges.

Some example applications include:

  • Data analytics
  • Cross-referencing data and updating data files
  • Transferring data based on data content to various destinations
  • Legal referencing and search, and document processing
  • Product recommendations based on consumer behavior forecasting
  • Fraud detection
  • Quality inspection and control
  • Personalized marketing and advertising messaging
  • Conversation and task automation (Alexa is a good example)

Unicsoft can help companies to reduce costs, increase profitability and grow their business with AI integration. Please contact us to set-up a free consultation call to determine how the Unicsoft AI program can help your business reduce costs and increase profitability.



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