Predicting and preventing adverse events

Wanda is an integrated cloud-based platform embedded with active AI linking doctors, clinicians, patients, and caregivers into a proactive care team to stop adverse events before they happen.

The machine learning algorithm is used to identify 90% adverse events 7 days before they manifest, keeping high-risk patients safer. All the predictions of the Machine Learning model are based on patient history and baseline risk, supervised engagement, health trackers, symptom surveys, health trajectory, prediction, and risk analytics.

The doctor receives an alert about the risk by the system. It gives an opportunity to improve patient care plan adherence and to prevent adverse events related to patients health. The users of the platform can communicate via video, IVR, text messages, app options.

Unicsoft provided Senior Python/Django developer in order to strengthen Wanda team of ML Engineers and Data Scientists. Unicsoft expert was responsible for improving the back -end structure as well as adding newly trained models into the existing platform.

Unicsoft boosted Wanda team with tech experts who can solve complicated tasks. We helped Wanda to attract top expertise faster and solve the challenging task, improve the product to succeed in the market.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: DjangoPythonArtificial intelligenceMobile development

Client: Screamingbox

Platform: Web, Mobile