Remote Patient Monitoring: Wanda’s AI Prevents Adverse Events 7 Days in Advance



Unicsoft’s expert team collaborated to build an AI-integrated cloud-based platform – predictive remote patient monitoring software that connects doctors, clinicians, patients, and caregivers.



Ensuring patient safety by predicting and preventing adverse events
Integrating AI technology into existing healthcare systems
Gathering and analyzing patient data for accurate predictions
The Solution
  • Unicsoft’s team of tech experts joining Wanda’s ML Engineers and Data Scientists
  • Our Senior Python/Django developer improving the back-end structure
  • Integration of newly trained models into the platform
  • Effective communication options (video, IVR, text messages, app) facilitated by Unicsoft to integrate into the platform
  • Utilization of machine learning algorithms, prediction, and risk analytics
The Result
Enhanced care plan adherence through timely alerts to doctors
Empowered care team to take preventive actions for patients’ well-being
Efficient communication among care team members for coordinated care
Accelerated product development and market success achieved through Unicsoft’s expertise
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