Automated Melanoma Prevention & Detection


Unicsoft utilized artificial intelligence to build Wellskin solution for accurate skin cancer diagnosis




Streamlining the process of melanoma diagnosis for improved efficiency
Ensuring accurate and reliable detection of skin cancer using AI technology
Establishing seamless communication between the app and clinics for analysis
Developing a user-friendly interface for easy image capture and comparison
The solution
  • iPhone/iPod application capturing detailed skin images for analysis
  • Database storage enabling easy tracking and analysis of skin dynamics over time
  • Integration of advanced image analysis algorithms for precise diagnosis
  • Seamless transmission of patient’s skin images to clinics for analysis
The Result
Enhanced efficiency in melanoma diagnosis through automated image analysis
Improved tracking and analysis of skin dynamics for effective monitoring
Streamlined communication between patients and clinics for prompt diagnosis
User-friendly interface enabling easy image capture and comparison for patients and healthcare professionals

Technology & Tools

Android SDK
Mobile development
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