Sports NFT marketplace for fans engagement

Unicsoft developed an advanced NFT marketplace for football clubs to establish new revenue streams and strengthen relations with the fans communities.

About the client

Our client is TMA International, a purpose-led sports marketing agency that connects global brands with sport associations, clubs and athletes. They had an idea to create a TMA Sports Platform, a web platform that connects fans, clubs, and sponsors. TMA International turned to Unicsoft to develop an NFT marketplace for sports communities.

Business challenge

The client wanted to create something akin to a community hub, but also a marketplace that would attract sports fans. Initially, the marketplace was supposed to focus on the UK market only. However, the project had to leave this approach behind to expand its capabilities — to add different sports categories and include more countries.

Technical Challenges

Our development team was challenged with the following blockchain integration and infrastructure setup tasks to create an NFT marketplace:

  • Integrate with Hedera network and apply its consensus mechanism and tokenization options.
  • Apply Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for hosting, CI/CD, and high security.
  • Setup 100 % microservice based architecture using containers and Google’s Kubernetes technology.

The solution

The Unicsoft team has developed Lokkaroom — a sports marketplace that enables:
  • fans to buy and trade NFTs, or ‘collectibles’ as known on Lokkaroom
  • fans to buy tickets to events.
The platform allows fans and clubs to buy, sell, trade and resell numerous digital assets in the form of NFTs (videos, archived games, interviews, quiz sheets, training videos) using the club tokens.
Top solution features
allows fans to purchase NFTs on the marketplace.
Wallet & Gallery
clubs deliver wallet that shows information for every fan’s holdings, open orders, etc.
allows fans to resell their assets, and the current owner of the asset will set the price.
Voting rights
allows fans to cast their vote and earn rewards on competitions, quizzes etc.
There are three types of tokens used on the platform:
Utility Tokens
Issued and sold by clubs to their community to make purchases in the shop within the app. These tokens are unique to each club and work as a stable currency within a closed network.
Represent the digital and physical assets bought and sold in the shop using the club tokens.

The result

Unicsoft developers created a sports NFT marketplace for diehard sports fans with membership functionality on a free or paid basis.

The project will receive updates in the near future. Some of these will focus on:

Allow club members to create their own NFTs

Collaborations with more football clubs

Adding categories for other sports

Targeting more countries.