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NFT White Label Platform and Marketplace

MVP development of all in one NFT platform for brands and creators

About the client

Our client is a group of serial entrepreneurs and NFT enthusiasts, that reached Unicsoft with an idea to build Niftables - the first all in one NFT portal for creators and brands. Among product founders is a social media influencer - one of the fastest growing internet personalities with over 30 million followers across all platforms.

Business Challenge

By launching a brand new product at the market, founders struggle to solve the most widespread problems with NFT space in the current state. Present NFT marketplaces have outdated design and very limited customization opportunities for users:

little to no modification of user page
no customisation of NFT's beyond their design
little to no control over brand and design
limited unlock-able content, etc.

Product Vision

The idea is to create Niftables - an all in one NFT platform consisting of two standalone solutions:

NFT ecosystem with white label customizable tenants A white label NFT marketplace for creators and brands, that allows to add any features and bonuses depending on their needs.
Cross-chain marketplace, where NFT buyers and holders can buy, trade, sell, swap and redeem their NFT’s or rewards from purchases from all of the Niftables tenants or directly from the Niftables marketplace.
Key platform features:
NFT Utility:
NFT Utility:

bonuses, services, experiences, rewards and more


all tenants, the marketplace, the app are accessible from one account


payments in fiat, crypto and $NFT enabled

Revenue streams:
Revenue streams:

sell through a subscription service, drops, packs, auctions, lotteries and more


burn, redeem, activate and merge NFT’s for big bonuses


earn royalties from acquired NFT’s on the secondary market

Development scope

Unicsoft team has been tasked to develop the described above NFT marketplace in 2 main phases:

MVP version including deployment of a customized tenant for a creator
Full-fledged portal for a global launch
We have started our MVP development from the discovery phase to decide on needed development resources and build a clear development roadmap:
Set up a team of Business Analysts, Designers, Architects, Engineers, PM, etc
Conduct functional analysis and prepare software requirements specification
Create reliable solution architecture.
Create a handy marketplace functionality for users allowing to:
  • Create a lottery, a collection, an NFT, or a pack of NFTs
  • Subscribe for NFTs, connect crypto wallet and pay in crypto or by credit card
  • Buy a single NFT or a pack, participate in an auction
  • Claim, redeem, burn, merge NFTs
  • Transfer NFTs between blockchains
MVP Development
To streamline the MVP version release, we have started working on it in parallel with the discovery phase. Our team was challenged with the following scope of work:
Build microservices architecture, which is a basement for placing future marketplace and white-label websites.
Implement white-label website template for future UI customizations for creators.
Integrate platform with Binance Smart Chain for token issuing.
Integrate solution with popular marketplaces (OpenSea and Rarible) and payment gateway.
Develop smart contracts for managing transactions on the platform.
Design a high-tech modern platform with emphasis on visual effects to engage users and build a “new virtual world” impression


Smart contracts
Binance Smart Chain

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