Distributed Immutable Data Storage based on Blockchain


Promotional demo application


Virgil Security provides cryptographic software and services. Their encryption libraries and services and distributed immutable data storage via Blockchain, along with an accompanying public key management infrastructure, ease the pain of development, deployment and use of strong cryptography. Virgil Security enables a new generation of enhanced privacy and security for applications, cloud services, and the Internet of Things.

Unicsoft became a trusted partner for Virgil Security. We have been working together on multiple projects in Security and IoT domains for over two years.

Virgil Security promotes their product and services on the conferences and that’s why they came to us with a need for promotional demo application development. This application is used for a one-to-one product demonstration with a potential end user.


Unicsoft team, which consisted of a project manager, .NET developer, and a Blockchain developer, was responsible for this project. The main functionality of the application is a distributed immutable data storage based on Blockchain, which is used for tracking changes in documents. A document is hashed and encrypted using Blockchain. Changing the document prerequisites creates a new hashed document.

We developed this demo app in a short-term – in only 3 weeks.



After using this demo application as a marketing material on a few conferences, Virgil Security started receiving requests for immutable database implementation from companies from different countries and industries.

Benefits the Client received are:

  • Saved internal team resources for development. Virgil Security team had an ability to stay focused on their product.
  • Decreased time for development. This app was built within 3 weeks, hence the Client received an opportunity to use the app immediately after development.
  • Product visualization helped to increase awareness of opportunities of embedded database and Blockchain risk-reducement.
TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: PythonBlockchainBig DataNLP, NLTK

Platform: Web