Blockchain enabled knowledge base software

Unicsoft develops the vision for a decentralized platform providing immutable, validated knowledge available worldwide

About the project

Our client turned to Unicsoft with the idea of creating a reliable solution for knowledge verification.

The company wanted to address the problem of people not having reliable access to the necessary information to determine what is true for themselves. Due to the mountains of disinformation, the individual must either rely heavily on official narratives, groupthink, and political correctness, or else reject mainstream ideas entirely.

The idea was to apply blockchain technology to eliminate fake information and provide facts without the risk of it being edited by anyone.

Business challenges

The client wanted people to be able to:
  • Find honest information online
  • Know which authors are credible and which are not
  • Access repositories of validated information
  • Be able to use accurate and powerful information
According to these needs, the client wanted to improve the knowledge-seeking experience by building a knowledge ecosystem that allows users to:
  • See how words are used to confuse and mislead
  • Read what people mean, not what they say
  • Foster unbiased information and honest conversations
  • Assess clarity (using countable measures) of expression

The solution

According to the client’s requirements and market research, Unicsoft developed a vision of the Knowledgecoin blockchain solution.
The Knowledgecoin platform enables:
Indexing of raw data
Validation that this claim’s Concepts,
Logic, and Reason/Context are valid
Creation of a “claim” (piece of content
on some subject)
Approval and release of the validated claim into the repository of tentatively or fully/highly validated knowledge

The Knowledgecoin ecosystem offers applications for use on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop PCs.

The platform functions as a knowledge creation, validation, storage, and retrieval service that is accessed via a decentralized network.

Blockchain сomponent

Knowledgecoin operates a novel blockchain protocol called Proof-of-Knowledge, where blocks are created by knowledge producers storing candidate knowledge and miners competing to verify that knowledge as valid.
The purpose of the Knowledgecoin Token is to develop the network and catalyze its growth (with network tokens). The Knowledgecoin Token is used to track and reward contributions of value to the Knowledgecoin network.

Scope of Work

Unicsoft completed the Discovery phase for the client in three weeks.

We have prepared:

Vision and Scope
Software Requirement Specification
MVP 1 Major Features
The MVP goals identified by Unicsoft are:
  • Create Web App and make it mobile-friendly
  • Personify Interface/Overview Page per user persona
  • Allow users to flag social media/Twitter posts
  • Allow Knowledge workers to input source info for clarity score formula
  • Allow the platform algorithm to calculate a clarity score
  • Integrate the response wizard with the interface
  • Allow users to filter the feed by multiple elements (i.e., Clarity score, Date…)

The results

Once the development of the Knowledgecoin platform is completed, people will have the ability to access verified knowledge, which can’t be faked – even government agencies and big tech corporations will not be able to edit the blockchain content. Thanks to the work of the Unicsoft team and close cooperation with the client, Knowledgecoin represents a truly decentralized utility that offers immutable, validated knowledge that is available to everyone.