Built-in crypto wallet for a new Nothing phone

Unicsoft developed the Nothing Tech wallet application to be an integral part of new phone's ecosystem

The client

Nothing Technology Limited is an electronics manufacturer based in London, England. For their most recent release, the Nothing Phone, the company was looking to introduce a special application, the Nothing Tech wallet – a wallet that is an integral part of Nothing OS and interacts with the phone’s chipset. . The company turned to Unicsoft to develop the crypto wallet with a private key that introduces an additional level of protection.

Business Challenges

While there are numerous wallet solutions on the market, only few of them are able to fully satisfy users’ needs:
Clear, intuitive, and modern UI
Safe place to keep private wallets
Extra layer of security
Transaction verification
Fraud protection
Hot wallets are considered lacking in security. Cold wallets, while more secure, tend to be harder to use. Nothing Tech is filling this gap with its “middle” solution — a mobile hardware wallet that acts as a personal wallet with greater security and convenience.

Technical Challenges

System Functionality

Nothing Tech wanted to release their smartphone on Android. The functionality of the wallet had to ship with the following features:
Private wallet key to be stored on the smartphone’s chipset (leveraging the hardware’s security).
The chipset API to issue calls for every transaction requiring confirmation from a user.

Blockchain Networks

The wallet had to be supported on the following networks:


Unicsoft had to implement a number of system integrations to ensure flawless crypto functionality for users:

  • Integration with payment gateway for buying crypto
  • Integration with liquidity provider (Uniswap) for swapping crypto
  • Chipset API integration for storying wallet private key
  • Fingerprint API integration for approving transactions within the wallet
  • Wallet Connect for login into wallet in the desktop applications
  • Integration with OpenSea to display statistics for the listed NFTs


Our team had to implement a number of security & privacy settings to assure high level of users data protection through the following features:

authentication for transaction sending

options to clear privacy data, browser history, and browser cookies

auto-lock & unlock with biometrics, wallet lock features

OpenSea API enablement, NFTs autodetection

The solution

Unicsoft implemented the discovery and development phases for the project. Key user features of the created crypto wallet include:

Flow for creating a new wallet that is backed up by a number of security measures.

Opportunity to recover an existing wallet going through an advanced authentication process.

Possibility for users to hide or open their account balance.

Token transaction options for users: receive/ send/ buy/ swap tokens, request payment.

Ability to choose a preferred network (default one) as well as navigate between the following networks.

Operations with tokens & NFTs: view a list of tokens/NFTs, import tokens and NFTs, view token/NFT details, view transaction history.

The Result

Unicsoft’s work on The Nothing Tech wallet project made it possible to introduce a set of unique features that maximize the private key’s security while simultaneously delivering the most user-friendly experience for customers.

Requires two-factor fingerprint authentication

Provides a mini-version of the OpenSea Marketplace right inside the application

Supports all languages

Makes the private key almost impossible to access and hack