Financial Risk Management Solution for Portfolio Optimization


Improved financial asset management and client services, thanks to a Unicsoft-developed web portal that integrates seamlessly with in-house technology.




About the Project

Citroneer, a rising Swedish asset management, financial advisory, and investment banking company, leverages research and science to provide high-quality, independent investment advice. Faced with tightening industry regulations, data processing complexities, and intense competition, the company sought a partner to achieve its digital transformation goals. They chose Unicsoft to develop a secure web-based portal to empower their advisors with a more holistic view of client assets.

Our collaboration with Citroneer began in 2020 with the development of the initial web portal. As the project progressed, the scope expanded to include the design and development of an efficient onboarding flow for new clients. Leveraging Unicsoft expertise, we seamlessly integrated the portal with Clarity Quantum, the client’s in-house data processing tool.

Business Challenges
Before partnering with Unicsoft, Citroneer was relying on Excel sheets for portfolio management. This was the reason why the client’s solution was exposed to the following business challenges:
  • Employees were entering data manually, resulting in limited scalability, lack of real-time insights, limited collaboration opportunities, and security concerns;
  • The portfolio management process was time-consuming and prone to human error;
  • They were using disparate third-party tools to prepare portfolio presentations and segment asset classes, making the process inefficient;
  • All stakeholders lacked a centralized view of assets for better decision-making and faster analysis.
Technology Challenges
There were also more specific technology challenges.
Limited business analysis. The Unicsoft business analyst prepared documentation with analytical insights to ensure project success from day one;
Legacy code. Since the project had been running for several years, our team had to optimize the code to support the required technologies and integrations;
New feature requirements. Adapting to new feature requirements, our team remained agile throughout the project, ensuring seamless concept improvements;
API documentation. Our developers worked closely with the client’s developers to optimize the API documentation and ensure smooth development;
Integration with existing solution. The web portal had to integrate seamlessly with the client’s in-house data processing platform.
Our first and biggest task was to design and develop a web portal that would support Citroneer employees and external advisors in the portfolio analysis and optimization process. Next, we had to create a user-friendly interface powered by the functionality of Clarity Quantum. This tool analyzes and optimizes end-user portfolios received from the Citroneer web portal and returns results in the form of graphs and reports, which are then used to create Citroneer reports. The portal also allows the creation of multiple portfolios, enabling users to compare performance and make informed investment decisions. Like any fintech project, this solution involves complex business logic and stringent security requirements.
The Unicsoft team added the following features to ensure optimal performance and security:
  • Role-based user access: Advisors, clients, admins, and super admins use BankID, Sweden’s national identifier, for secure login;
  • 360-degree view of investments: Each user has a personalized dashboard providing a comprehensive view of investments;
  • Filtering and restriction settings: Users can analyze specific asset types and classes, promoting focused decision-making;
  • Portfolio change tracking: Clients see adjustments made to portfolios, ensuring transparency and trust;
  • Report and chart generation: The platform creates easy-to-read PDFs and Excel reports, simplifying portfolio optimization sharing.
With its new web-based portal, Citroneer has improved its client services and increased client loyalty. The portal gives clients a comprehensive asset overview and empowers advisors to make more accurate forecasts, mitigate risk, and build better-performing portfolios. Thanks to seamless integration with Clarity Quantum, Citroneer now offers a user-friendly solution for streamlined data processing, simplified portfolio creation, and in-depth analysis to ensure proper diversification and alignment with investment goals. A centralized platform and personalized dashboards bring together previously fragmented data and enhance the overall user experience.
There are other benefits for Citroneer in this ongoing project:
More competitive services through more effective portfolio management: Advisors can now make thorough risk assessments based on comprehensive asset information;
Greater transparency: Clients can track portfolio changes and stay informed, fostering trust and strong partnerships;
Improved client relationships and trust: Real-time visibility into portfolio data minimizes the risk of fraud and enhances client confidence;
Automated workflows: Advisors can allocate more time to strategic decision-making thanks to a reduced administrative burden;
Future-proof integration: The solution uses advanced technologies to ensure scalability and regulatory compliance.
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