Cryptocurrency Investment Management Software for Risk Assessment


Unicsoft developed a suite of products for Ternary Intelligence that simplifies investment decisions

About the Project

Bitcoin has garnered significant attention, but its market value is often volatile. However, under the watchful eye of professionals, any risk can be turned into an opportunity. Our client, Ternary Intelligence, has done just that: Drawing on their Ph.D. degrees and passion for computational models, the company’s founders built a mathematical algorithm to detect cryptocurrency market instabilities and reduce investment risks.  

Our client sought a trusted software development vendor to create a cryptocurrency investment solution integrated with an affiliate platform and accompanying iOS and Android applications. The key challenge was to develop these products within tight deadlines while maintaining high quality.

Proficiency in AI & blockchain technology, software engineering, security, and UX design was essential to address the following challenges:
  • The marketing campaign supporting the platform had already been scheduled, and the platform was supposed to be launched within a month.
  • The platform had to operate seamlessly across multiple devices and operating systems.
  • All solutions had to include reliable security and privacy features to prevent data breaches.
  • It was necessary to fix several discrepancies with affiliate platform integration.
Unicsoft played a pivotal role in developing a leading-edge solution that perfectly aligns with the client’s vision of a Bitcoin hedging strategy. Harnessing advanced analytics and automation, our primary focus was to mitigate potential risks tied to Bitcoin investments. We aimed to provide the client with a user-friendly digital platform, empowering end-users to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market with confidence and minimal risk exposure. We achieved the project goals entirely and delivered a solution encompassing the following capabilities:
Instability Detection: An instability detection technology anticipates major market corrections via investor herding pattern analysis.
Dynamic Portfolio: Our algorithm adapts Bitcoin exposure dynamically based on market analysis, optimizing growth potential and minimizing drawdowns.
Preserved Confidence: The platform’s investment strategy offers reassurance across various cryptocurrency market conditions – from bearish phases and bubble cycles to corrections and risk reduction initiatives.
Overall, we successfully completed the project on time, upholding quality standards, and reached the following results:
  • Filled the gap in the virtual currency investment space by limiting downside risk while capturing long-term market growth. 
  • Safer investment space thanks to the incorporated risk-adjusted characteristics.
  • Benefits for virtual currency investors thanks to dynamic hedging that solves the entry timing problem. 
  • Opting for React Native app development reduced costs by 30%, enabling budget savings and efficient post-launch support for the client.
  • The users can safely relocate funds they didn’t invest in cryptocurrencies directly due to market volatility in the crypto trading market.

Pavel Paramonov, Chief Science & Technology Officer and Financial Modeler at Ternary Intelligence, said, “Unicsoft was ready to adapt to new challenges as needed, even if that meant more learning on their end. Team management was transparent, which allowed us to track progress in terms of both coding and user load. Overall, I can say the project management was excellent.”

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