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A reduced risk cryptocurrency investment platform


Bitcoin is one of the most purchased virtual currencies in the world. With more than $14 billion in 24-hour trade volume in October of 2019 alone, Bitcoin trading continues to attract individual investors, as well as institutions. However, low entry barriers have led to an unstable Bitcoin index value, which has been ranging from $3,441 to $13,860 in the last two years. Some investors grew tired of continuously following the rate trends and were concerned with losing their holdings while waiting for potential rallies.

This is where our client, Ternary Intelligence, saw an opportunity. The company’s founders, both with a Ph.D. degree and passion for computational models, built mathematical algorithm, for detection of cryptocurrency market instabilities to mitigate the risks of unexpected currency behavior.

Ternary Intelligence was looking for a software development vendor to build a cryptocurrency investment platform, and integrate it with an affiliate platform. Additionally, Ternary Intelligence needed two mobile applications to accompany the platform: one for iOS and another one for Android.

The client had several pain points:

  • The timeline of the project was rigorous. Because the marketing campaign in support of the platform had already been scheduled, everything had to be developed within a month.
  • The client didn’t have enough management resources to manage the entire team, so they were looking for an end-to-end managed product delivery.

In the 15 years that Unicsoft has been on the market, the company has proven to be a trusted full-cycle software development company. We are capable of covering web and mobile development, project management, QA, and DevOps as well as blockchain and data science implementation. If Ternary Intelligence had to hire one vendor for the back-end task and another for mobile application development, they wouldn’t have met the deadline. That’s why the client chose Unicsoft for this project.



Successful project implementation starts with the team. Because time and quality were of paramount importance to the client, we allocated senior tech experts for integration, web platform development, and mobile app development. We did several rounds of interviews, personal meetings and workshops in Ukraine and Portugal with the representatives of the affiliate platform. This allowed us to grasp the business needs and requirements of the client before jumping into development.

As the project started scaling, Unicsoft had to arrange a quick and effective onboarding process. Thanks to well-written documentation, mockup designs, and comprehensive specs, we managed to increase the effectiveness of the team and finish the development on time.

The iOS and Android mobile applications were a critical element of the customer’s market penetration strategy. Due to being extremely short on time, the Unicsoft team offered to use React Native to build the mobile applications. The technology is perfect for the functionality we were going for. The client trusted us with the decision to apply React Native mobile development. 

Using React Native lets you compile apps for both iOS and Android and focus your resources on the structural components of the project. The advantages of using React Native include:

  • Developing mobile applications two times faster.
  • Saving money since you need one developer to build apps for two operating systems.
  • Less expensive and more effective maintenance.

Moreover, the hybrid mobile app development approach allowed the client to reduce the project budget by 30%.

The affiliate team is one of the biggest financial services platforms in the world, which enables transactions in any form of money and commodity. Before we even started developing the platform, a list of integration requirements was prepared. The affiliate team started working on the customization of the API. But as we began the implementation, we noticed discrepancies in the connections between platforms. Fortunately, we managed to fix the inconsistencies quickly, because we cooperated with the affiliate team directly, without client involvement.



The client’s algorithm implemented in a user-friendly platform for reduced risk Bitcoin investment was a success. 

  • More than 10,000 users around the world use the platform. The algorithm automatically makes investment decisions for them based on the proprietary cryptocurrency market analysis.
  • Users from emerging markets love interacting with the platform because they usually have limited access to investment instruments.
  • Thanks to the platform, investment funds that don’t invest in cryptocurrencies directly due to their volatility can access the crypto trading market in a much more balanced and safe way. 

By simultaneously limiting downside risk and capturing long-term market growth, the platform developed by Unicsoft has become the safer Bitcoin investment option for thousands of people in developing countries. And now that the platform is gaining popularity, Ternary Intelligence can attract larger finance players to the platform.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: AmazonAWSNode.jsReact.jsREST APIReact NativeCryptocurrencies, Smart ContractsMobile development

Client: Ternary Intelligence

Platform: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)

Pavel Paramonov

Chief Science & Technology Officer, Financial Modeler

Ternary Intelligence

“Unicsoft was ready to adapt to new challenges as needed even if that meant more learning on their end.

The team was managed in a transparent way and we were able to follow the development both in terms of the code and in terms of the user load. Overall, I can say the project management was excellent.”

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