Machine learning consulting services


Startup consulting.

Proactive data strategy

We help startups accelerate growth and gain defensible, competitive advantage via a co-creating data strategy, leading to network effect and AI-driven added value. Unicsoft facilitates these proven strategies by building scalable solution architecture and data infrastructure.

Data mining to boost ML products

Early stage startups often lack the sufficient data needed to apply AI for solving real-world, complex problems. As a solution, Unicsoft's data scientists use data mining and data enrichment by scraping open web data or applying open datasets.

Product feasibility study

Unicsoft top 3% of world machine learning engineers help startups be lean and iterate in speed and cost effectiveness by providing PoC and rapid prototyping as a service. With a prototype comprising existing AL components, your business can validate product-market fit. Prove your technical feasibility today by building AI PoC with minimal investment.

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Enterprise consulting.

Products and services innovation

From driving sales via customer needs’ prediction to daily AI-driven decision making support, Unicsoft helps enterprises innovate their products and services, optimize costs and overcome competition by gathering and leveraging data.

AI products conceptualization

We serve enterprises’ business needs of continuously advancing and beating their competitors by applying bespoke AI solutions that truly solve pressing issues and outperform numerous out-of-box products that are no longer effective.

Data monetization

The Unicsoft team supports enterprises in generating additional income streams through a variety of data monetization strategies: anonymizing and enriching data to be sold as an asset, applying advanced analytics to trade actionable insights or building a real-time, analytics-enabled platform as a service.

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Machine learning development services

Predictive Analytics

Anticipate customer actions
Apply data-driven insight
Prevent adverse events

We help organizations retain customers, improve market understanding and optimize customers’ lifetime value. Being experts in cutting-edge data science and machine learning techniques, we apply deep learning and statistical algorithms to analyze historical data and make accurate predictions for future outcomes.

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Customer behavior analysis

Create customer engagement
Increase customer spend
Gain market share

We help our customers leverage artificial intelligence to create personalized customer experience based on relevant context and their real-time behavior. Applying machine learning and deep learning techniques in marketing efforts helps businesses spend their budget wisely.

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Anomaly detection

Prevent fraud and security breaches
Recognize changes in patients’ condition
Detect product counterfeit

We help businesses detect anomalous data changes and suspicious events by applying anomaly detection techniques within Unicsoft machine learning consulting services. Timely anomaly detection prevents valuable assets damage and saves on business costs.

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Recommendation System

Decrease customer bounce rate
Increase customer engagement
Impact customers’ lifetime value

Applying data science and machine learning techniques, we create custom solutions with recommendation engines. This approach allows companies to make content recommendations relevant to customer profiles, offer products based on real-time behavior and increase upsells with add-on products.

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Natural Language Processing

Gain insight for decision-making
Better personalize and target services
Improve customer experience

Our team builds natural language processing applications to help organizations optimize enterprise knowledge management, receive insight from human-generated resources, streamline support queries answering, and deliver personalized and super relevant results for searches.

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Computer Vision

Gain insight from visual data
Reduce manual operations
Increase ROI in marketing

Our computer vision team helps enterprises automate repetitive tasks with OCR and data capturing, automatically identify people and objects in pictures, process medical images,track objects with image segmentation and implement product-matching technology with image similarity search.

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Data mining

Extract insight from raw data
Make well-informed decisions
Discover market trends

We help startups enrich their data quickly with relevant insight by gathering amounts of data from a wide range of web resources and identifying patterns among the compiled data. This approach builds insightful foresights for customer behavior, market opportunities and risks.

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