Gartner’s choice: Unicsoft Featured as One of The Best Blockchain Consultancy Providers in Gartner’s Toolkit

We are proud to announce that Unicsoft has been recognized as a prominent blockchain consultancy and integration services provider by Gartner. We have recently been featured in Gartner’s Vendor Identification research, which aims to identify and evaluate global providers of blockchain consultancy services. With that in mind, we would like to share the short backstory of this accomplishment.

Unicsoft – a trusted blockchain services vendor

Unicsoft is a technology consulting partner that has expertise in blockchain and consults companies about creating blockchain-based products from scratch, blockchain integration in enterprises, and how to apply blockchain to optimize business processes and to reduce operational costs.

Operating since 2005, we assist startups and mid-sized businesses in the selection, building and deployment of distributed ledger technologies for sustainable growth. We create innovative software solutions with reduced overheads and high ROI.

Unicsoft experts keep up with the latest trends, tools, and platforms and our developers create end-to-end custom blockchain applications for various business challenges.

Loyalty programs

  • Cost-effective, secure multi-brand loyalty programs
  • Easy-to-use loyalty programs that lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention


  • Product Pedigree, the future of ensuring the authenticity of products for customers
  • Adding 50 cryptocurrencies as payment options

Banking & money transfers

  • Fraud reduction
  • AML compliance
  • Zero-overhead real-time money transfers and trading


  • Cost-effective claims management
  • Personal data protection without sacrificing AML/KYC

Supply chain management

  • Full transparency of processes: secure real-time product history from manufacturer to customer
  • Streamlined operations by automating supplier transactions

Microlending and factoring

  • Reduce corruption risks due to decentralization of decision-making
  • Lower overhead and faster ROI due to automated processes
  • Better customer value proposition: lower fees and faster transactions


  • Possibility of secure medical data collaboration without compromising patients’ privacy. Drugs, prosthetics, implants authenticity and logistics control

Blockchain in your industry

Our services in blockchain software development

  • Cryptocurrency Development
  • Crypto Exchange Development
  • ICO & STO Development
  • Crypto Wallet Development
  • Track And Trace Solutions Development
  • Factoring Solutions Development
  • Enterprise Blockchain Applications
  • Smart Contracts Development
  • DApp Development
  • Blockchain Consulting

Our experience in blockchain software development: Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Waves & Stellar, EOS, NEO, Corda, Digital Asset, Multichain, Ripple, Java, Go, Solidity.

Industries: FinTech, Supply Chain, Transportation, Banking, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Retail, Securities, and Healthcare Providers.

Blockchain use cases

Take a look at a couple of Unicsoft’s projects to get an idea of the value we bring to blockchain solutions.

A factoring solution with blockchain technology

A European company specializing in the online retail of goods for children wanted to create a factoring platform for their supply chain. Unicsoft helped them to develop a factoring solution with blockchain. Our experts created a high-level technical platform in just eight months, which combined the benefits of blockchain and smart-contracts technologies. It allowed for mitigation of financial risks, speeding up the factoring process, and ensuring transaction security. Remarkably, Unicsoft’s factoring solution, initially meant as an internal product, transformed into a B2B offering and established a new business line within our client’s organization.

Supply chain transparency for the gold mining industry

Unicsoft assisted a startup from the gold mining industry. Their goal was to create a supply chain transparency platform capable of tracking each piece of gold electronically and in a secure manner. Together we developed an MVP using Ethereum and smart contracts. The MVP was approved by the National Mining Association and will, most likely, receive investment from this organization.
Blockchain-based track & trace system for goods lifecycle management
Our client wanted to create a solution that would help law-abiding manufacturers and vendors protect their brands and fight grey imports. Together we developed a blockchain-based track & trace system for goods lifecycle management. The system offered counterfeit prediction, protected the IP rights of lawful manufacturers/importers, guaranteed goods authenticity, provided advanced business analytics and reporting, increased customer loyalty, and reduced development costs.

Crops Exchange: a fair playground for everyone

Our client needed a blockchain-powered rice trading platform with an integrated supply chain solution. To achieve this, the Unicsoft team developed a blockchain-powered platform with Hyperledger. It has the following functionality: a dashboard, tendering system, smart contracts, reputation system, automated matching of documents and orders, and a customizable user cabinet. The platform made interactions between all market players swifter, transparent and cost-effective. It allowed all parties involved, such as farmers, processors, traders, banks, investors, insurance companies and retailers to access critical information securely, in real-time.

Crypto trading tool: the first legally enforceable stablecoin

A client of ours required an MVP of their crypto trading platform. Unicsoft’s team developed a solution that let investors and traders exchange their main cryptocurrencies against the stablecoin, which was backed by one of the world’s strongest currencies – the Swiss Franc. The system was deployed and placed on hidden servers in Switzerland with user verification via video chats for protection. The solution had the following functionality: registration, user dashboard, buy/sell order creation for coin, order history, order management, user profile view/edit, security settings view/edit, secure messaging (encrypted), help and support, wallet management, bank account management and an audit system.

Gartner’s Blockchain research

Since 1979, Gartner has been providing business leaders with valuable insights, strategic advice and practical tools. Today, the research and advisory company serves more than 14,000 enterprises around the globe. Gartner is a member of the S&P 500, with clients in 77% of the Global 500. It has nearly 17,000 associates.

For their Vendor Identification for Blockchain Service Providers tool, Gartner’s experts researched 162 global blockchain consultancy and managed services providers, but only 73 of those companies were detailed in the toolkit.
Representative Sample of Blockchain Consultancy Providers in This Tool

Source: Gartner

Gartner’s research covers three types of blockchain consultancy services providers:

  • Business consulting firms – large consultancies that have blockchain as part of their advisory services.
  • Technology service providers – companies that provide blockchain consultancy services as part of a wider IT services portfolio.
  • Blockchain specialist consultancies – small independent consultancies that focus on blockchain services.

According to Gartner, different types of providers have different strengths in blockchain services. So to select a vendor, organizations have to know what type of support they seek. The toolkit will be useful for those who look for:

  • Strategic advice
  • Business advice
  • Technology services
  • Risk advice
  • Integration and managed services

How Unicsoft can help you

Unicsoft is used to working with clients from the FinTech, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries. We deliver custom blockchain solutions by using an agile approach while researching and understanding user requirements to implement the best architecture design and select the appropriate blockchain technology for the circumstances. Our solutions deliver enhanced user experience and make processes transparent, secure and decentralized.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of blockchain? Then hesitate no more and contact Unicsoft to receive a free consultation from our experts.