Cloud Consulting


Cloud Consulting

Unicsoft advises businesses on optimizing infrastructure capability costs while working on complex solutions with high-performance systems.

We provide services for architecture and infrastructure maintenance using AWS, Azure, GCP, Microservices, Ansible, Terraform, and Serverless.

Automatic upscaling and downscaling

Our cloud infrastructure consultants optimize development resources by establishing automatic upscaling and downscaling processes.

Efficient system maintenance

We help your DevOps save time on system maintenance by establishing a microservices system for monitoring errors and dependencies.

Fast system scalability

Using AWS, new product features that entail architecture changes are implemented more than twice as fast.

Optimized development process

AWS usage helps companies decrease development spending by 30%.

System performance reliability

Auto Scaling helps avoid application crashes due to high loads.

Infrastructure as a code approach

Infrastructure as a code approach helps maintain existing architecture easily while quickly implementing new features.

AWS serverless architecture implementation

Our cloud infrastructure consultants implement AWS serverless architecture with nearly zero idle costs.

Little system downtime

Cloud infrastructure services help the system run smoothly, 24/7, with little downtime.

Protected data

Using cloud consulting services, we help companies protect sensitive corporate data.

Need cloud consulting?

Unicsoft’s cloud consulting services provide customers with better service availability, an increase in development teams’ velocity, and a decrease in infrastructure costs.