Beverage Alcohol Trade Platform



The product helps trade professionals easily: search for products and wholesale pricing across leading distributor portfolios.

There are three types of users on the platform: Wholesale buyers, Distributors and Producers & Suppliers, each one is a part of the US beverage industry. Buyers get an access to a database of wines, beers, and spirits to order products. Distributors can connect directly with customers, create customized presentation materials, track sampling activity, and reference detailed product information. This platform helps Suppliers to understand how their products fit into the bigger picture on the market.

This platform operates for 7 years. The Unicsoft team was involved in the product development to fix the existing issues and to implement a new functionality.

Main features we have implemented on this platform were:

  • introducing new payments for wine taste reviews;
  • rendering PDFs with product data, gathering summary data for output;
  • refactoring/improving code rules/styles;
  • compressing a huge database table according to requested expectations;
  • a new edit page for products;
  • a data aggregator for distributors.

The benefit of this platform is that all beverage market players are connected in one place.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: Backbone.jsPostgreSQLReact.jsRubyRuby on RailsStripe

Platform: Web