Teroxx: the world’s fastest Crypto Trading Platform App

Unicsoft developed Teroxx Wallet — a blockchain-enabled app to store, send, exchange and earn different crypto coins and tokens in several blockchain networks.

About Teroxx

Teroxx is a German-based licensed Crypto Wallet and Crypto Exchange provider, being one of the first digital asset and digital currency trading houses in the world. Working closely with regulators, Teroxx provides an innovative all-in-one solution for international crypto trading and investments through a variety of services and products.

Unicsoft was favored by Teroxx to work on one of them – Crypto Wallet App.

Teroxx Wallet highlights that put it ahead of the competition:

Simultaneously supports Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum networks (plus more networks are coming in the nearest future).

A unique bonus system that allows users to receive interest from storing Abblox tokens in the wallet over a period of time.

Easy-to-use top-up functionality allowing users to seamlessly top-up Teroxx Wallet balance via Teroxx Pay and vice versa, when needed.

Has its own ERC-20 compliant utility token - Abblox, that makes it possible for every Abloxx holder to participate in the multi-billion dollar market of companies around the blockchain technology.

Conventional features of internal cryptocurrencies exchange, monitoring exchange rates, tracking transactions, withdrawing crypto, etc.

Our Challenges

Two years after the initial product launch, Teroxx team decided to hand over the MVP version of Crypto Wallet to the Unicsoft team to work on its advancing and new updates:


Develop and implement new product features to facilitate seamless user experience in the future


Create modern UI/UX design for new features based on market best practices


Implement a range of security and scalability improvements to exceed users’ expectations on app performance.


Fifteen Unicsoft teammates including developers, a business analyst, designer, and project manager worked on the Teroxx Wallet update. It took the team seven months to bring the advanced app version into production.

Business Analysis

To guarantee the project goes smooth and with minimal risks, Unicsoft team started with a comprehensive Discovery stage to outline granular development roadmap:

  • Database architecture design
  • Security requirements specification
  • Roles based user workflows mapping
  • Functional analysis and software requirements documentation

Product Implementation

To make the experience of thousands of existing customers seamless and adoption of new features as fluent as possible, Unicsoft team performed the following vital updates:

Scalable and business-driven product architecture that Teroxx can rely on over the next ten years.

Setup of AWS infrastructure, CI/CD pipeline, and continuous monitoring to guarantee high system performance.

Implementation of preventative security best practices related to the software code, data storage and infrastructure. Among them were:

  • Data encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Protection from different types of attacks, etc.

Unconventional interface design solutions to implement unique features.

Implementation of new features that bring more value for users: e.g. asset distribution diagram, crypto exchange charts, rewards management, new cryptocurrencies availability, etc.

Project management

The Teroxx stakeholders presented to us their own business requirements, that we later decomposed into tasks, functional and technical requirements for our software development team. Every week, the team met with customers to report on progress and discuss their next steps. Open and timely communication of Unicsoft relieved unnecessary tension for the customer and allowed them to clearly see that the project was moving towards its goal.


ERC-20 tokens

The results

By handing over the Teroxx Wallet App to Unicsoft as a development partner, Teroxx achieved impressive results:

Meeting all deadlines, so the enhanced version of the app went live in time.
Releasing the product without the slightest technical or design compromise.
High dedication of team and decent quality of blockchain-related tasks by Unicsoft talents.
One of the Teroxx stakeholders came to our office to catch up with the development team and discuss further ambitious plans. The customer arranged a two-day team building with the project team in a country recreation center to congratulate on the successful release and bring all the team mates together. Teroxx is happy to continue cooperating with Unicsoft to keep serving Teroxx Wallet users and developing breakthrough solutions.