Spiritual Capital Foundation


Service that helps companies articulate and embed a higher purpose for doing the things they do


In January 2014, Naftali Brawer, the CEO of the Spiritual Capital Foundation (SCF), contacted Unicsoft in search of a highly-skilled development team to implement his ideas.

Spiritual Capital Foundation is a successful UK organization that provides HR consulting services. Its main focus is on coaching inspirational leaders and helping employees to discover new meaning  in their work, and thus to become more engaged. Dr. Brawer constantly faced the situation that corporate value statements were buried as “dead texts” somewhere on a website or in an end-of-year report. His goal was to create a solution that could bring them to life, using live discussion and comments left by employees, clients, and even investors of the company.



As a first step, Unicsoft suggested conducting a business analysis and creating a functional product specification to lay down Dr. Brawer’s ideas in a structured document. During a series of Skype calls, Unicsoft’s Business Analyst identified the customer’s vision of the project, major goals, as well as the impact on the target audience, and created the functional specification and user interface wireframes for the product.

After approval of the functional specification, Unicsoft started development of the MyLivingDocument product as a fixed price, fully managed project. Unicsoft established the Scrum process, ensuring early demonstration of work in progress, implementation of usability improvements at early stages, and transparent communication between the customer and the development team.



MyLivingDocument.com was successfully launched in July 2014. At the same time, Unicsoft and Spiritual Capital Foundation created a corporate version of the application, designed for Intranet installations in large companies. This version was first launched in November 2014 on the KPMG premises.

Unicsoft and SCF have built a long-term software development partnership: Unicsoft is continuously providing technical support of the product and is responsible for Intranet deployments.

“We are proud to participate in the development of such a great product. I see a big potential in it, because it addresses the heart of every company – people engagement. We do our best to cover the technical side and maintenance of MyLivingDocument, to help it grow and to help other companies grow,” says Aleksey Zavgorodniy, CEO of Unicsoft.


Client: Spiritual Capital Foundation (Naftali Brawer)

Platform: Web, mobile web