Embedded development

We received a request from a client to develop a complex embedded system for e-bikes. The main goal of this solution is to collect data from the in-built e-bikes’ sensors and transfer data by means of NB-IoT protocol to a secured B2B web platform. The data collected from the smart mobility devices could be utilized by insurance companies, cargo carriers, healthcare companies to deepen the insights and improve the decision-making process, track & trace all the items, offer goods and services at the right time and place.

Additional features of this smart mobility solution could be also used for anti-theft protection, emergency alarms, geolocation, having a 360-degree view on what’s going on with the e-bike: battery consumption, parts’ deterioration,diagnostic, and so on. With the help of built-in algorithms and artificial intelligence, an accident situation can be detected and an emergency alarm could be triggered. After that, the client’s service takes care of everything for the e-bike rider: from preparing a report for the police to communicating with the insurer.

Unicsoft was developing a battery-powered embedded system with GNSS-Modul and Accelerometer which is used for orchestrating user data.

NB-IoT is used for data transmission. This module captures data and transfers it to the admin platform which transforms a bike into a constituent part of the Internet of Things.

Main Advantages of NB-IoT are:

  • cost-effectiveness due to reduced power consumption, long life, and less maintenance;
  • heightened security due to time-tested SIM-based security mechanisms as per LTE standard and worldwide standard 3GPP.

The next steps in evolving the solution:

  • to process and utilize data, collected from e-bikes, on the platform;
  • to share the data through a virtual marketplace with third parties;
  • to use the same approach for collecting data from sensors embedded into containers and luggage.
TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: С++CNB-IoTGNSS-Modul and AccelerometerLTEInternet of thingsEmbeded development