Quick and efficient scaling of an inhouse development team with the highest level AI professionals

Unicsoft provides candidates of the rarest AI and data science expertise to help our client’s product disrupt the market

The Customer

Our client is a product company developing on-device artificial intelligence (Edge-AI) solutions for various industries: advertising, banking, automotive, retail, and insurance. Their clients are world-famous companies in these areas. The company consists of progressive team members who are in love with the product and are eager to find the best ways possible to develop and enhance it.

Business Challenges

From the first days of working together, it became clear that in order to make their product successful on the market they needed a highly communicative and stable team of developers, data scientists, and cloud specialists.

That’s why we made it our top priority to select and retain the best candidates to build a strong and highly motivated team.

In fact, the main challenges for us when building this team were:

Complicated and lengthy selection process comprising test tasks and trial period. Unicsoft has completed a thorough selection & validation of a great number of potential candidates, and then only 1 in 15 engineers were able to complete the test task.


Difficulties in finding candidates, not only with proficient hard skills, but also with highly-developed soft skills.


Much attention was paid to the candidates with relevant engineering or mathematics education and high quality of their code. The code should be written quite “cleanly”, without extra lines and signs, and should comply with the code style.


The requirements for the specialists were quite complex. For example, we had to find a specialist who would have been a full stack developer with knowledge of about forty different technologies - we called it “ninja in IT”.

The client’s key focus was not just to find skilled employees, but specialists able to develop a comprehensive approach to solving customer problems. Our client hired a number of different people having distinctive, but at the same time efficient approaches to problem solving.

The Process of Cooperation

For May 2022, we formed several teams for the client:

The Data Science team was the team formed by the client with the help of the Data Science challenge workshop. We found various data scientists to interview and then organized a workshop for them. During this workshop, the client introduced them to a problem to solve and looked at the different approaches they proposed to solve it. In the end, the client chose a few people to join the team. Now, a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst/Business Intelligence engineer joined the core team.


The Mobile team consists of 4 Android developers and 3 iOS developers.


The product team consists of two designers who work in tandem with a product manager to prepare product designs for developers and create marketing materials for sales objectives.


The CTO team consists of engineers who are engaged in validating hypotheses through quickly building apps and PoCs.


The Cloud team is the main team that works on the client’s Mobile Engagement Platform. It consists of a DevOps/Solution Architect, three Front-end developers, two Back-end developers, and QA. This product is being developed 100% by the Unicsoft team.

Instant Benefits for the Client

A strong and stable technical team that knows the product to the last detail

High retention rate of the development team

Long-term relationship with engineers onboard for about 7 years

Engineers responsible not only for limited number of tasks but also for commercial success of the project

HR department dedicated to build an attractive employer brand for the client

We believe that a stable and knowledgeable team is one of the main success factors of the project. Selecting highly-skilled and motivated employees for the client was a consistent and well-deliberated process. And we are more than happy that the result met our client’s expectations.

The result

On top of our long-term cooperation, 18 of our engineers have been working on the client’s product. 15 of them are members of the core team.

The client treats the remote team as “their own team” and C-levels, especially those responsible for product management, have been actively communicating with our team on the common product vision.

We provided an efficient communication process, openly discussing the expectations, risks, and giving and receiving feedback from each other.

Thanks to mutual transparency and scrupulousness, we were able to develop a strong and productive team of professionals, while mitigating risks.

“Unicsoft provided us with the required level of attention and interest in our product. They proved that they can find a specialist of any level of expertise for our projects. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation.”