iOS, Android and web applications for bar inventory management

Partender is a bar inventory management tool. Through iOS, Android or web app the user can inventory beer, wine, smallwares, kegs, and even food. Instead of manually writing down the inventory using an arbitrary 10-point scale, cumbersome scales, or expensive hardware, the user can simply tap where the liquor level is on the real image of the bottle. The tool’s algorithms are up to 99.2% accurate.

With this app, the full, physical bar inventory takes around 15 minutes. Also, the tool has such features as:

  • Splitting up the inventory management work across multiple users;
  • Generating editable “Smart Orders” based on bar needs, tracking and receiving those orders;
  • Getting alerts when prices on certain goods are changed;
  • An opportunity to get such indexes as usage, the actual cost of goods sold, balance sheet, and to find out users’ bar trends (top movers and dead stock).

Unicsoft extended the client’s team with Python, NodeJS, ReactJS and QA Engineers who are currently working on the development of new features for the Android and iOS applications.

This application optimizes the bar inventory management which besides saving time and labor, helps end-users to reduce:

  • Inventory value on hand by 20-40%;
  • Beverage cost by 6-8%;
  • Cost of goods fluctuation by 10%.
TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: AngularJSNode.jsPythonReact.jsMobile development

Client: Screamingbox

Platform: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)