Highly Engaging NFT Game Marketplace

Unicsoft provided expert guidance and blockchain consultancy on the development of the NFT marketplace to be integrated with the AAA+ game.

The client

Dynasty Studios is an independent game development studio founded in 2011 under the name Logic Artists, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company is focused on developing role-playing games for PCs and consoles. Dynasty Studios is a VC-backed gaming company implementing blockchain technology.

Business Challenges

Looking at the major shifts in the gaming industry with regards to player habits and Web3 capabilities, Dynasty Studios decided to focus on the multiplayer survival genre while leveraging distributed ledger technology in the core AAA+ game mechanics.
The company wanted to combine blockchain technology and its gaming expertise to create a highly-engaging product that appeals to a mainstream audience.
Dynasty Studios turned to Unicsoft for assistance with developing a product that would have a player-driven economy where players have freedom to own, craft, earn, and trade their in-game assets.

Technical Challenges

Meant to create an NFT game marketplace from scratch, our team firstly had to think through a number of specific blockchain-related product requirements:

Selection of layer 2 blockchain solution given the low gas-fees, fast transactions and easy transitions for non-crypto enthusiasts.

NFT minting, listing & trading: required low gas fees for transactions, loyalty fees to be charged for each transaction, selling both playable and collectible items.

Backend development to enable integration with blockchain network, crypto wallet & crypto exchange platform.

Audit of smart contracts and marketplace pre-sale to address security issues and prevent purchasing all pre-sale items or tokens.

Integration with KYC tools to ensure KYC compliance.

The solution

Unicsoft provided Dynasty Studios with expertise in business analysis and blockchain product design to conceptualize an idea of NFT Game Marketplace.

Unicsoft was tasked to create a detailed technical description of the product and cover all components needed to start the development phase:

product vision
technical specification
architecture diagram

Product Vision

The project aims to unlock the potential of blockchain technology for an online cooperative game. When progressing through the game, players acquire in-game cosmetic items, the ownership of which is tracked by their blockchain wallet.

The Han NFT Marketplace platform’s purpose for the MVP stage is to provide players with an engaging out-of-game experience that involves acquiring and trading items. This helps to build a foundation for community engagement and achieve a greater range of lasting player-to-player interactions.

Platform user flow


Players sign up and get a custodial wallet or connect their own metamask wallet to their account.


Players can obtain NFT items by playing the game or buying them from the marketplace.


Players can search for items of interest on the marketplace.


Players can bid for items of interest on the marketplace.


Players can view and accept bids made by other players for the items they own.


Players can equip or unequip items they own on a specific “Frame” type item.


Players can package the Frame type item. Packaging creates a separate page for this Frame and all the equipped items are traded as a single item on the market.

The result
Thanks to the productive cooperation of blockchain experts and game developers, the client got a complete vision of their NFT game Marketplace that will be used to attract users and fulfill the expectations of their game.

Blockchain-based game benefits for players:

True digital ownership of all the in-game items

Personalized asset history

Verified scarcity for maintaining lifetime value

Play-to-Earn gaming mechanics.