Investment platform with prediction of cryptocurrency price trends

Ternary Intelligence is a California-based company that is engaged in computational finance and detecting instability in financial markets. They came to us with the need to develop an automated investment platform, HedgedBitcoin.com, related to cryptocurrency exchange.

The client had mathematics algorithms and prediction models of cryptocurrency price trends to mitigate the risks of unexpected currency behavior.

The Unicsoft team was in charge of:

  • Integration of the created algorithm with the Coinbase-like platform.
  • Web portal and mobile (iOS and Android) application development.

Due to extremely tight deadlines for the client’s marketing campaign, we suggested hybrid mobile development, which additionally allowed us to reduce the project budget by 30% on app development.

When the user invests money into the application, the algorithm performs automatic investment decisions based on the currency behavior predictions.

This is a great solution for households from third world countries that have limited access to investment instruments and pension funds to save and multiply their earnings. At the moment, more than 10,000 users have been recorded on the developed platform.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: AmazonAWSNode.jsReact NativeReact.jsREST APICryptocurrencies, Smart ContractsMobile developmentPredictive Analytics

Client: Ternary Intelligence

Platform: Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)