Enhancing IOTA with Secure Infrastructure & Data Integrity


Our team successfully implemented IOTA infrastructure on servers, integrated the IOTA wallet into the existing IoT project, and enabled seamless data transmission from sensors through the IOTA network.

About the project

IOTA emerged as a revolutionary open-source distributed ledger specifically designed to ensure secure and efficient microtransactions and data integrity. Its unique Tangle technology allows for feeless microtransactions and secure data storage, perfectly tailored for the IoT landscape.

Unicsoft’s Role:
Unicsoft’s team has developed web and mobile versions of the platform that provides real-time data on customers’ orders, employees’ activities, and overall market trends. The mobile application is for dealership’s clients, while employees can work with both versions.
  • Deployment of IOTA Infrastructure: Implementing a robust and scalable IOTA infrastructure on servers.
  • Integration of IOTA Wallet: Seamlessly integrating the IOTA wallet into the existing IoT project, ensuring smooth and secure financial transactions.
  • Data Transmission Enablement: Facilitating the transmission of data from sensors through the IOTA infrastructure, enhancing real-time data processing and integrity.


This integration not only facilitated feeless microtransactions but also ensured secure and efficient data handling, significantly boosting the project’s scalability and reliability.

Innovate IoT with Zero Fees and Uncompromised Data