Service for finding freelancers for urgent requests


Doomoro is an Israeli startup that created a web marketplace for same-day services delivery, which connects freelancers and buyers of such services as logo creation, article writing, HTML markup etc, who wish to have their work done within 24 hours. Doomoro contacted Unicsoft in November 2013. By that time, the Doomoro platform was already launched, and the company looked to speed up development of new features that would allow them to attract new users to the service as well as improve the experience of the existing ones.



The collaboration between Doomoro and Unicsoft started with an online meeting, the goal of which was to deeply understand the customer’s situation and business objectives and suggest the best solution. Doomoro already had a development team that worked under the leadership of the CTO, and Unicsoft suggested Doomoro a team extension model of work, where a developer is allocated to work for a customer as a remote extension of an in-house team. In addition, Doomoro had quite tight time and budget constraints which required a very fast and cost-effective solution.

Unicsoft allocated several developers from its team, based on the customer’s requirements and immediately arranged the selection process presenting candidates and coordinating the assessment. Thanks to our HR team and the customer’s active involvement, we were able to close the position in less than a week, the customer chose the PHP developer with the deepest expertise in the selected areas. In addition, the team extension suggested by Unicsoft, fitted into the client’s budget.  Unicsoft’s developer worked with Doomoro’s team for 8 months helping them quickly advance through the list of features on the roadmap and successfully deliver several milestone releases.



Our developer became an effective participant of Doomoro project by helping to increase stability of the platform and adding several payment systems to make billing process much easier. His involvement also allowed the customer to implement new features into the platform on time. Unicsoft provided prompt administrative and HR support during the involvement of our developer to ensure comfortable and quick collaboration between Doomoro and the Ukrainian software engineer, so the customer was able to focus on the development process.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: HTMLJavaScriptPayPalPHPEcommerce, Marketplace

Client: Doomoro (Eldad Rodrig)

Platform: Web