Dedicated iOS Team Boosts Inhouse Development of a Personal Task Management Tool



Unicsoft scales a client’s development capacity with highly skilled senior engineers to stay on schedule and launch the app on time.

About the project 

A young team of tech entrepreneurs and developers got together to build an iOS-based application for independent professionals. The platform was intended to become a one-stop solution, from content creation and scheduling meetings with clients to managing KPIs and collecting payments. The client aimed to make the business life of individual professionals more engaging, organized, and profitable.

The client came to Uncisoft in need of scaling

But staying on schedule and launching the app on time required extra heads, hands, and skills. And at one point, the client’s deadlines and volume of development became untenable. Due to a shortage of highly qualified iOS engineers with the necessary skillsets in the internal Indian market, the client was facing scalability delays and issues with quality. 

As a result, the client began looking for an outsourcing partner with dedicated specialists capable of scaling their iOS engineering development team and speeding up the development process at the highest level of quality.

Unicsoft went to work on the iOS app
Within a few weeks of signing the contract, Unicsoft augmented the client’s inhouse engineering team with the necessary programmers and other specialists that became its integral part.

Key project highlights

Increased the development capacity of the client’s development team.

Covered the full cycle of iOS app development from scratch.

Completed some extremely resource-consuming tasks, like creating/refactoring custom screens for users, generating app dashboard diagrams.

Improved the quality of the code.

Supplied additional middle and senior tech specialists, given the project’s complexity, such as integrating a payment system and prioritizing tasks within the development scope.

Technology and tools we used for development

The limitations of iOS made app development challenging at one point, requiring a proficient command of the right technologies and tools. While creating the iOS product for our client, we leveraged the power of:

Achieving great success together!
Unicsoft provided iOS engineers and other necessary tech specialists that seamlessly blended with the client’s in-house team by filling the existing tech gaps. The number of dedicated specialists consisted of 3 engineers.
As part of our dedicated team’s service, Unicsoft delivered:
Access to a talent pool of over 200 K engineers
Full control over specialists completely dedicated to the client’s product
Team setup & management, people onboarding & payroll, employer retention – all covered by Unicsoft
Tech consulting services relating to analysis, software architecture, and more
Talent management that aligns remote software engineers with the in-house team
Excellent and autonomous infrastructure for our tech specialists