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Advanced technological solutions for brand owners to combat counterfeit & create trust through the whole supply chain.

Challenge: Alarming State of Grey Market

Today, the grey import and counterfeit situation is dire in European countries. Statistics state  it to be worth £13.6 billion in the UK alone in 2016, Singapore — $838 million USD in 2016, and $98 billion in 2018 in the US. Global counterfeit losses are estimated to reach around $1.82 trillion by the end of 2020.

This trend affects the retail industry severely and leads to a destructive business environment: loss of confidence in products and brand of an honest manufacturer/importer; deterioration in the quality of goods and services; incorrect information about goods and services.

Lack of technical solutions for consumer protection & counterfeit prevention compelled a long-term Unicsoft customer to create a product that would help law-abiding manufacturers and vendors to protect their brands and fight grey imports.

Unicsoft’s customer aimed to create a solution capable of documenting all supply chain updates to a single shared ledger to guarantee complete data visibility, immutability and transparency for all supply chain participants.



GoLang, React.JS, React Native, Hyperledger Fabric, AWS services, Confluence for technical documentation and Gatling for performance tests.



Fully-managed product development 



Logistics, Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail



Supply chain, Fraud detection, Blockchain, Track & Trace 

They asked Unicsoft to develop a track & trace solution from scratch as they lacked in-house blockchain expertise and were seeking an experienced expert capable of making a solid proof of concept for building a blockchain-based solution. We were also able to provide the full range of services required to deliver the project: web, mobile and blockchain end-to-end development.

Solution: Blockchain-based system for tracking goods

The Unicsoft team developed a semi-decentralized solution for issuing and tracking encrypted blockchain-based datamatrix codes as the main layer of protection from grey imports. The datamatrix codes can be scanned at any point in the merchandise life cycle to ensure the authenticity of the product, track its logistics and prevent counterfeiting, effectively solving all the problems listed above.

To ensure high-level security and reliability of the system, we created a process for unique marking code generation using cryptographic protection. All product identification codes, geolocation and movements were stored in a blockchain infrastructure and couldn’t be falsified. Blockchain-based storage and protection of data demanded reliable cloud storage, so we proposed our customer to host all applications on Amazon Web Services.

Blockchain-based track and trace system3

Unicsoft leveraged a bunch of AWS services: CloudFront, CloudWatch, EC2 Container Service, Elastic Compute Cloud, Elasticsearch Service, Key Management Service, Relational Database Service, Route 53, Simple Storage Service and System Manager.

Since the track & trace solution was blockchain-based we needed to run different nodes and certain parts of it. With AWS it was easy to configure such a system by using VPC, auto-scaling, and different types of instances. Also, it was handy to have options to configure infrastructure exactly as we needed according to requirements.


Blockchain-based track & trace system for goods lifecycle management scheme

Result: Saving costs on counterfeit goods

Unicsoft’s blockchain-based track & trace system has been successfully implemented in a group of small and medium enterprises and has proved its performance capability within the process of goods supply chain management.

We created a personal cabinet for manufacturers allowing code generation, accounting & analytics; blockchain-based data storage with highly secured encryption of datamatrix codes, mobile apps for manufacturers and customers enabling them to check the authenticity of the goods and complain about counterfeits, advanced engineering infrastructure. Our solutions have a clean API to integrate with any third-party modules.

Blockchain-based track and trace system3
  • Counterfeit prediction. System provides the manufacturers with real-time information about the movement of goods through the logistics chain to predict counterfeit and grey import attempts.
  • IP rights secured. Solution makes counterfeiting and grey import technologically impossible and protects the IP rights of lawful manufacturers/importers through a unique digital passport.
  • Goods authenticity guaranteed. Our solution guarantees the quality and authenticity of the goods to the end-customer, due to controlling the warranty, shelf life and service life of every product, thus positively affecting manufacturers’ brands on the market.
  • Product lifetime analytics. Unicsoft system offers advanced business analytics and reporting based on the data collected at all points from a product life cycle: code stamped during production, product scanned during transportation, goods stored in the retail store, goods at the POS-terminal during purchase, product unpacked at home.
  • Increased customer loyalty. Solution enables direct customer feedback, personalized loyalty programs and individual discounts, improving the manufacturer’s PR and marketing strategies in the market.
  • Cost-effective application. AWS gave us an option for very slight configuration of each part of the infrastructure, so we could easily change anything we needed to achieve business goals and thus reduce development costs.
  • High reliability and scalability of the system. We used AWS to ensure consistency, security, reliability, convenience, and automatic scalability of the track & trace solution.
    Efficient development lifecycle. Infrastructure as Code approach in combination with CI/CD provided us with the possibility to maintain the existing architecture easily and implement new features quickly.
  • AWS facilitated cost reduction & streamlined development process. When we started using AWS, our new features which entailed changes in architecture were implemented more than twice as fast  as our previous solution. AWS usage helped us to decrease our spend by 30% by moving part of our workers to Lambda Functions. AWS Auto Scaling groups helped us avoid cases when some parts of application crashed due to high load.

Potential capacity of blockchain-based track & trace system for businesses

The Unicsoft team deeply understands the need of different businesses for adopting blockchain-based solutions in the supply chain and devising effective approaches for their delivery and implementation. The range of companies interested in integrating such a platform into their supply chains varies from FMCG and production of construction materials to the agricultural industry.

This solution might be useful for the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals and perfumes
  • Fashion clothing and sportswear
  • Accessories and elite consumables
  • Children’s toys
  • Car spare parts
  • Aircraft components
  • Car accessories, etc.
Blockchain-based track and trace system2

This creates trust throughout the whole supply chain for multiple market players, as leading global manufacturers ineffectively spend millions of dollars to combat counterfeit. Please contact us to set up a free consultation to determine how the Unicsoft blockchain program can help your business optimize supply chain management processes and reduce costs.

"We have been highly impressed by our close cooperation with Unicsoft, their proactive team and project execution within the schedule and budget. The intermediate results were demonstrated permanently and transparently every week. Enough attention was paid to documentation, which was really useful for our product's future scalability."

Konstantin Ivanov Chief Digital Officer at Atlantic Group