AR/VR creation platform


Design tool for creation AR/VR without code and 3D expertise

The client is a San Francisco-based startup that was looking for cost-effective and fast MVP development for raising seed round investments.

The main aim of the startup is to make the process of creating AR/VR products simpler for any design purpose. For example, it can be used for presentations, sales tools, education and training, portfolios, galleries, XR prototyping, storytelling, or just for fun.

Unicsoft’s dedicated team completed a part of the core product functionality:

  • AR and VR experiences build.
  • VR headsets and mobile device support.
  • Real time editor in browser application.

The user is able to:

  • Build AR/VR experiences from scratch, using the platform’s drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Use the library of sights, sounds, environments, and pathways.
  • Upload images, video, audio, 360 images, 360 video, and 3D models. The platform optimizes the media and places it in the library.
  • Share created VR/AR products with friends and other users of the platform.
  • Find inspiration, taking a look at other works on the platform.

Developing the platform as a service helped the client raised $2M in funding for future product improvement.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLS: AmazonAWSDockerNode.jsReact.jsUnity 3DKubernetesMobile developmentAR/VR

Platform: Web, Mobile (cross-platform)