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A simple and time-saving solution for managing business contacts and facilitating the networking process at events.

Situation: The rising need to centralize networking contact data

The importance of networking is unparalleled. It’s essential for businesses to build long-term, professional connections to help one another with their needs as they go. However, to manage them effectively, all contacts should be gathered into a single data source, especially when you attend networking events on a regular basis.

Most of us are immensely present online – think Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, corporate resources, and more. Sharing and managing all these contact details can be a daunting task. How do you collect your contacts’ data currently? Excel spreadsheets? Taking photos of business cards with your phone? Most methods are too complex, outdated and extremely time-consuming. The industry has long needed a more modern solution.



WS, Kotlin, MySQL, PHP, Swift, IBM Watson, ML Kit, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Mobile development



Fully-managed product development



Business networking, event management



Web and mobile development backed with AI-enabled technologies and OCR; integration of payment systems

Challenges: finding a handy solution to streamline contact management for more effective networking

Our client is a data science company headquartered in Singapore. Their main product is an end-to-end data analytics platform, secured by Blockchain. The platform aims to help enterprises of various sizes leverage data in a cost-effective way.

Like many other businesses, our client was faced with the problem of business card digitization. As a result, their team created an app to make the processing and management of business contacts both affordable and convenient for end-user and enterprise levels.

The app’s core functionality allows users to copy the contact details from business cards by simply taking a picture of them. Powered with AI technologies, the application automatically recognizes text and saves a person’s name, company, email address, mobile number, etc. in the relevant fields of a centralized database.

To capitalize on the collected contacts, users also can:

  • Search and filter connections in the base
  • Add labels and remarks on connections
  • Prioritize connections
  • Import and export connections
  • Verify email addresses

The application has extended functionality for enterprises to facilitate the B2B sales process:

  • CRM integration
  • Email templates
  • Team access
  • Advanced analytics
  • Event management

While carrying out the project, Unicsoft resolved a number of crucial tech issues. We refactored existing code to eliminate bugs, thus reducing the team’s workload to six times less than usual, fixed a serious security issue by adding a token-based authentication, and repaired spaghetti code. Our team managed to meet tight deadlines and successfully completed all tasks on backend development and the remaining functionality for iOS and Android platforms.

Result: time-saving digital networking tool with built-in analytics

The application allows event attendees to build a business network with more ease and confidence, without fearing contacts will be lost or their efforts wasted. The tool stands out as a digital technology-infused solution to help anyone network effectively – especially in the era of social distancing.

The app was released for iOS and Android and presented at the Switch tech conference. Users highlighted the following key benefits of the app’s usage:

  • An advanced system to easily retrieve and follow-up on leads for both business and event purposes
  • Rich time-saving features
  • All-in-one digital database for in-person connections
  • Built-in analytics tool for powerful business insights
  • Seamless team collaboration to empower remote work

Our client plans to extend the app functionality by adding more languages, enabling various CRM platform integrations, and other useful features. If you need a modern and effective solution for your business needs, our AI experts are ready to develop an effective app to address your business goals – simply leave us a message.

Level of commitment, providing subject matter experts on short notice, and hospitality has given a very positive feeling towards Unicsoft personnel and their business processes.

Benny Low Co-Founder Xypher Pte,