Play-to-Earn AA-level Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Game

Unicsoft created a play-to-earn ultimate survival game built with
Ethereum blockchain and in-game NFTs.

About the project

Undeads is an NFT horror game with crafting and marketplace elements. The idea of the game was to fully engage players in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, mutants, and superpowers, with the ability to earn crypto while having fun.

Together with our partner, Whimsy Games, Unicsoft has been working on the play-to-earn game development to ensure it meets the client’s requirements. Whimsy Games has been in charge of the gaming part, and Unicsoft – developing and implementing everything related to the blockchain.

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NFT game development
NFT game development

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NFT game development

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The solution

The game developed is an apocalyptic metaverse loaded with borderless economy and large selection of play-to-earn mechanics for players.

The Unicsoft team has developed the game on the Ethereum blockchain with its own cryptocurrency, following the play-to-win concept. Zombies, people, and mutants in the game are presented in the form of NFTs. We also created the Undeads game marketplace and its own token to allow players to trade and exchange their characters, weapons, and other in-game assets.

7 Unicsoft developers have been working on the game for over half a year already.

Blockchain Development Challenges

Before getting started on the game, we had to specify certain blockchain requirements and challenges associated with the P2E game development process.
We had to implement the following features allowing players to manage their NFT tokens on the platform:
Token purchases from the available fixed price list
Token rental
Buying a token at an auction
Buying a token at an auction from a player
Transferring tokens between players as a gift
Lootbox: NFT dropping from a secret package

Other challenges related to blockchain integration included:

Ensure integration with EVM blockchain networks and optimization using Layer 2.

Implement the NFT token exchange service using the pseudo-random number mechanism.

Integration with the user's wallet platforms (Metamask, Trust).

Implement the storage of data about characters as part of the metadata attributes.

The number of NFT tokens should have been limited and equal to 6,666 zombie tokens.

Develop the smart contract of the utility ERC20 token.

DevOps challenges

Unicsoft has been working on the DevOps side of the project. We had to carry out:
integration with the blockchain by a special microservice through the REST-API
using containerization technology (Docker container) when deploying a microservice
deploying the web application in an AWS environment

Key solution features

Undeads Web3 Game is a blend of feature-rich gameplay, fun-first game design and fine-tuned, balanced and efficient game economy.

Top blockchain features we have developed for Undeads:

  • Platform fee charge from each transaction
  • Platform royalties for all NFTs created on the platform’s default smart contracts
  • NFT minting via the Lazy mint schema
  • Metamask wallet integration for user and admin transaction signing
  • A service for depositing/withdrawing tokens
  • Ability to exchange or trade NFTs on a major NFT marketplaces such as Opensea

Unicsoft created sophisticated NFT in-game items:

NFT characters
the number of NFT tokens is limited and equals 6,666 zombie tokens plus 6,666 human tokens, including 11 legendary zombies and 11 legendary human mutants
NFT land
land is tokenized as 721 NFTs, each with a metadata Id, owning period, and ability to receive a profit from ownership
NFT buildings
buildings are also tokenized as 721 NFTs
NFT potion
potion is tokenized as 1,155 NFTs and used for NFT character transformation

The results

Undeads boasts a unique art style of cartoon graphics to showcase the game’s zombies, people, mutants, and dogs.

At the beginning of the game, a player buys a box that randomly produces a zombie. There are four levels of zombies, with an additional 5th level that includes unique abilities. Zombies live outside the city, can breed, and even have children. People can buy land, flats, weapons, and other in-game items and property.

Thanks to the dedicated and detailed work on every element of Undeads by the Unicsoft development team together with partners, players can enjoy the mysterious yet bright and engaging world of Undeads.