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Build your DeFi solution with a talented DeFi development company. We can help you transform conventional financial services into secure, encrypted, and equitable decentralized finance solutions that provide unparalleled transparency, trust, and security.
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DeFi Services We Offer

Our DeFi development services include creating secure digital wallets, self-enacting smart contracts, and efficient dApps tailored for decentralized finance. We also offer comprehensive security audits and expert consulting to guide you through every stage of your DeFi project.

DeFi wallet development

With a secure and user-friendly digital wallet, you can manage multiple cryptocurrencies and run DeFi protocols and perform actions like lending, borrowing, and staking with ease. Blockchain technology together with a decentralized finance give you full control over your assets and adds an extra layer of security.

DeFi smart contract development

DeFi contracts are self-executing, which eliminates the need for an intermediary, protects against human error, and reduces operational cost. Based on rules that you define, we can create a smart contract for you that manages your funds securely.

DeFi dApp development

Our DeFi development agency specializes in creating decentralized apps (dApps) that operate on different blockchain networks, tailored specifically for DeFi purposes. The blockchain networks eliminate intermediaries to enhance access to finances and maximize efficiency.

DeFi security audits

As a DeFi development provider, we can conduct security audits that pinpoint vulnerabilities in your systems. We then suggest actionable steps for improvement or, at your request, implement security enhancements for you.

DeFi consulting services

Consulting is also among the decentralized finance development services our team offers. Get expert guidance on navigating the DeFi landscape, from identifying your business needs and pain points to creating a project roadmap and deploying your application.

Our Success Stories

DeFi platform for digital asset cross-chain conversion made by Unisoft, a decentralized finance development company.

DeFi platform for cross-chain conversions of digital assets

Unicsoft created a vision for the blockchain ecosystem enabling developing customized blockchains and deploying smart contracts with low fee and high throughput.

Cryptocurrency Data Analytics Tool for MakerDAO

Unicsoft created a fully automated ETL pipeline for structuring and presenting data from the MakerDAO dApp, significantly streaming process that was previously very labor-intensive and prone to inaccuracies.
$5 billion
as collateral
$2 billion DAI
in circulation
First DeFi App
adopted worldwide

EVM wallet for tokenized assets management

Unicsoft acted as trusted technology partner contributing into core wallet development & assisting with customizing and white-labeling the open-source wallet.
500+ forks
of the open-source solution
standard supported

Diamonds Tokenization Platform

Unicsoft created a product concept for developing a transparent and secure platform enabling fractional ownership of diamonds and thus lowering entry barrier for high-value asset investing.

SoccerCoin: NFT Solution Enabling Tokenized Loyalty Program

Unicsoft developed blockchain based ecosystem for sports that leverages NFT potential to enable fruitful & engaging interactions between fans, clubs, athletes & business partners.
Loyalty Program

Carbon Credits Tokenization & Trading Platform

Unicsoft developed a marketplace connecting carbon reducing project developers with institutional investors and individuals aiming to offset VCO emissions, thus solving their green project financing and decarbonization needs.

Sports NFT Marketplace For Fans Engagement

Unicsoft developed an advanced NFT marketplace for football clubs to establish new revenue streams and strengthen relations with the fans communities.

NFTs aggregator for trading success

Unicsoft guided discovery & PoC development for the NFT platform that would facilitate collaboration between NFT traders & investors, delivering simplified trading experience & streamlined processes.
NFT Trading

Distributed system for food product exchanges and commercialization

Unicsoft developed a blockchain based global rice trading platform that connects rice exporters, importers, and inspection companies in one place to trade and commercialize rice in a more effective, secure, transparent, and effective manner.
Early Adopters
7 mln
Tons of Rice Annually

Gold supply chain management system

We developed a blockchain based solution for end-to-end tracking of gold enabling supply chain transparency & efficiency.
Secure Tracking
Operational Efficiency
Risk of Fraud

Blockchain Protocols

DeFi Protocols


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DeFi Development Solutions

DeFi Exchange

Create decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to help users trade cryptocurrencies directly with one another, without a third party. We can help you build a secure and effective trading platform for multiple cryptocurrencies.

DeFi Lending and Borrowing

Create custom DeFi lending and borrowing platforms, allowing users to lend their cryptocurrencies and earn interest while ensuring transparent, reliable, and efficient financial services.

DeFi Staking

With a DeFi staking platform, you allow users to gain voting power and earn rewards by participating in blockchain consensus mechanisms and staking their tokens. This way, users secure and validate transactions by holding cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet.

Exclusive Solution: DeFi Platform Accelerator

Get a working DeFi application in a matter of weeks. Our custom solution has pre-developed, reusable modules that we can easily customize to accelerate your platform development timeline.

DeFi Asset Management Solutions

Use DeFi asset management tools to help users track performance, manage their portfolios, and make investment decisions. Optimize asset allocation and investing strategies with automation and advanced analytics.

DeFi Synthetic Asset Solutions

DeFi synthetic assets are tokenized derivatives of real-world assets like stocks, commodities, or currencies, that increase the diversity of trading opportunities within decentralized ecosystems. Synthetic assets are stored on blockchain networks and offer benefits like fractional ownership and improved asset liquidity.

DeFi Crowdfunding Platforms

Launch decentralized crowdfunding platforms to help individuals support their causes by raising funds via tokens or stakes from multiple contributors. By leveraging the transparency and accessibility of the blockchain , individuals can securely raise global capital for their projects.

Yield Farming Solutions

Incentivize liquidity providers to stake or lock up their digital assets in a smart-contract-based liquidity pool and earn rewards. Incorporate RWAs (real-world assets) for yield products, algorithmic stablecoin backing, and liquidity, thus providing an immutable and transferable unit of ownership for illiquid assets such as real estate, allowing them to be traded on DeFi protocols.


By combining decentralized finance with gaming, we develop play-to-earn games to allow users to earn financial rewards. We can help you increase player engagement and monetization opportunities.
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What our clients say

Very efficient and reliable resource provider. Quickly reacted to our request and provided an interesting suite of candidates. During the cooperation period always available and ready to help. Overall experience very good. Highly recommended.
Tomasz Mierzwa
Tomasz Mierzwa
Lead Data Architect, MakerDAO
With the support of our partners at Unicsoft, we have created a platform that will provide developers with an efficient way to raise project capital and enable investors to actively choose which carbon offset projects they would like to support.  Unicsoft is a highly reliable & efficient development partner, providing excellent project management, timely communication & commitment to go the extra mile when needed.
Steven Lowenthal
Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Frontier Carbon Solutions
Thanks to the expertise that the Unicsoft team brought to the table, the company was able to complete the project faster and at a better cost. They did this by using advanced and transparent methodologies that were trustworthy, responsive, friendly, and professional.
William Rehm
Founder & CEO, Deedstack Inc
Whilst we have started the build of a new platform with Unicsoft, we found their capability on Cloud infrastructure configuration and setup to be quite impressive. Specifically, the DevOps team of Unicsoft who are very knowledgeable and were able to build the infrastructure in a cost effective and compliant manner.
Sameer DMello
CTO, TMA Sports Management Ltd
The engagement helps the client provides a high level of value to their customers. Unicsoft successfully picked up on the nuances of the project and adapted to the working style of the client. The team is hard-working and innovative.
Sunil Tom Jose
Director of Engagement, AlphaWallet
During almost 5 years of cooperation, the team demonstrated a deep understanding of our company's IT needs and objectives. Your team consistently delivered on their commitments, showcasing remarkable attention to detail, and readily embraced our feedback and incorporated it into their work, ensuring that our vision and objectives were fully aligned. This open and constructive dialogue created an environment of mutual respect and led to the development of innovative solutions that perfectly catered to our evolving needs.
Felix Letkemann
Chief Information Officer at IoT Venture GmbH
I’d recommend Unicsoft because I felt their engagement and understanding of our business. They offered the best solution provision of what we were looking for. They were very responsive to the requests, very flexible just going in flow with our changes.
Alan Ball
Managing Partner, Octagon, UK
I think that they have a can-do attitude. We threw a lot of requests and a lot of very specific timing requirements at them. They were pretty adaptable and willing to put in extra hours to service us.
William Page III
William Page III
Chief Operations Officer, Dashboard Dealership Enterprises, USA


Smart contracts


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Why It’s High Time to Step into the DeFi Market

  • Enter new markets and provide equal financial access for all, empowering people around the world who have limited or no access to traditional banking systems.
  • DeFi systems remove intermediaries, such as banks and payment processors, leading to reduced transaction fees and faster processing time.
  • DeFi solutions use self-executing smart contracts with predefined rules, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • The DeFi market is projected to reach $78.47 billion by 2029, fueled by demand for transparency, efficiency, and accessibility beyond traditional financial markets.
  • Transparent transactions and a decentralized blockchain ledger promote trust and accountability.
  • Prepare for the future with resilient, adaptable financial solutions that withstand market changes and regulatory shifts. By investing in DeFi, you can leverage blockchain technology and operate independently from centralized financial systems.
  • Use blockchain's security features, including cryptographic encryption and decentralized consensus mechanisms, for robust protection against cyber threats and to foster user trust.
  • We create DeFi applications that seamlessly integrate with both blockchain networks and traditional systems to simplify cross-platform transactions. This interoperability increases utility and flexibility.

Our DeFi Development Process


Explore your needs

First, we talk with you to clarify your expectations and develop project requirements. We can also brainstorm together to form a vision and discuss various implementation options to see which fits you best. After this discussion, we create a document listing all your requirements to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Create project roadmap

Based on all the gathered information, we create a product roadmap, development scope and a timeline for implementing it, main milestones, and detailed budget for your DeFi project.

Design DeFi architecture

Based on your requirements, we design the architecture of your DeFi solution. This step includes planning smart contracts, integrating with blockchain, ensuring interoperability with other blockchain systems, if needed, and mapping out the user interface.

Development and testing

Our engineers implement the planned architecture and integrates smart contracts. They thoroughly test every aspect of the app to ensure it adheres to the highest security standards and performs as expected.

Deployment and maintenance

The final step of our development services involves deploying your DeFi solution on the blockchain. After deployment, we can offer ongoing support and maintenance if requested. We can always collaborate further to enhance your product with new features or implement additional DeFi products for your company.

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  • What industries can benefit from DeFi development services?

    DeFi development services can be beneficial to a variety of industries, including supply chain, gaming, real estate, banking, insurance, and finance. The benefits of DeFi solutions are basically applicable to any industry that deals with asset management, financial transactions, or distributed applications.
  • Being a decentralized finance development company what are your company's advantages over others?

    Our DeFi development company is multi-ISO certified and a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies, as well as Tier1 blockchain players like MakerDAO or IOTA. We have strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Hedera Hashgraph, IBM and AWS to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We keep 93% retention rate with clients staying for an average of 4 years and have delivered over 250 successful projects globally. Unicsoft is a trusted Blockchain Provider listed by Gartner. With Unicsoft, you can choose cooperation model your business needs: team augmentation with remote engineers or fully-fledged project implementation by our in-house team. We also offer outstaffing services to complement your existing team, adapting to your project's size and development growth needs to ensure successful completion.
  • What expertise does your team bring to your DeFi development services?

    Our DeFi developers are highly skilled in all aspects of DeFi development, including blockchain technology, smart contract creation, and financial protocols. They have completed innovative DeFi projects such as lending, borrowing, and staking platforms, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and yield farming solutions. You can hire DeFI developers with deep knowledge in latest advances and trends in the DeFi field so that our customers receive state-of-the-art solutions.
  • How does Unicsoft ensure the security and reliability of custom blockchain solutions?

    Quality and security are top priorities for all of our DeFi development projects. To ensure that our applications are strong, reliable, and impervious to bugs and intrusions, our team adheres to industry best practices, rigorous testing procedures, and thorough security audits. We deliver commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term success with assurances regarding the quality, security, and performance of the DeFi applications our agency develops.
  • Can you help with security aspects of DeFi applications, like smart contract auditing?

    Certainly! Our agency specializes in top-notch security services and smart contract auditing specifically tailored for DeFi applications. Our blockchain security stuff diligently performs meticulous audits to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities. Our primary goal is to ensure that DeFi projects adhere to the highest standards and best practices, thereby strengthening their overall security posture. We go the extra mile by providing comprehensive audit reports, practical recommendations, and ongoing support to help our customers deploy robust and trusted DeFi applications.
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