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Incorporated in 2005 and based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Unicsoft is a recognized expert in digital transformation, allowing businesses to innovate. We produce professional software development services for the sustainable growth of SMEs and start-ups worldwide. With 100+ developers, Unicsoft has delivered 200+ projects consolidating Blockchain and AI, IoT and Machine Learning, Web and Mobile Development. We provide our day-to-day services with transparency, clarity, and, most importantly — care for our shoppers.

Unicsoft lasts for high fertility, result-focused attitude, constant learning, and dedication to excellence and understanding business matter most. Still, it is not limited to Big Data & Business Intelligence, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and a few others.

Since its inception, Unicsoft has grown 15 times in size and has sustained a 75% customer retention rate. Some of the partnerships have lasted more than eight years already. The professionals believe that the true value of partnering lies in their ability to understand business goals, methods, context, and business requirements to make only reasonable changes, which stand to benefit your company’s maintained growth.

The GoodFirms team approached Aleksey Zavgorodnii, CEO & Founder of Unicsoft, to know about the idea behind the company’s inception and its flourishing services.

Starting with the interview, Aleksey mentions that it all started back in 2005. He and his team of professionals combined their efforts to develop new software products and web and mobile applications to mold the future and create sustainable growth and success opportunities.

At Unicsoft, the team strives for success through knowledge in performance, a result-focused attitude, and high achievement standards. Aleksey has been the CEO of Unicsoft for the last 16 years. Talking about his responsibilities, Aleksey mentions that his key role is to maintain communications with customers and use their feedback to drive the evolution of delivery, sales, financial, and legal methods to ensure that the team continues to be the best partners to work with.

Throwing more light on the idea behind the commencement of business, Aleksey cites that my entire life has been about technology. I started to study programs when I was 12, and since then, it has been my favorite hobby. Back in 2004, when I was a second-year university student, I had a few casual conversations with business owners. During which, they would describe some business/process-related issues they were facing. And I thought, “I can solve this!”. As a result, I thought to commence Unicsoft.

When asked about the business model, Aleksey explains that two main vectors drive our business model:

  1. a) The wish to give solutions to our client’s problems
  2. b) Bring top talent and expertise into play

These are our priorities, and in the process of producing them, we put a lot of exercise into fascinating and growing talent internally, hiring top-guns as entrepreneurs when needed, and partnering with vendors that cover areas outside our focus: IoT, Market research, legal, and others.

Continuing further, Aleksey elaborates on services catered by Unicsoft. We develop custom blockchain solutions for businesses of any size and industry to help design and scale blockchain products. We facilitate new blockchain possibilities for startups and inspire the best approaches to implement blockchain solutions.

Unicsoft’s blockchain experts implement the Hyper ledger Fabric platform to create enterprise blockchain-based applications with a modular architecture to ensure high resiliency, flexibility, and scalability in our solutions.

Due to its reputation, smart contract functionality, and security, Ethereum implements multiple benefits for businesses acknowledging blockchain solutions. The benefits include advanced privacy, quick tokenization, flat costs, high-speed deployment, and unparalleled execution.

Thus, backed by a team of experts’ proffering robust solutions, Unicsoft leads as one of the top blockchain service providers at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of services offered by Unicsoft’s developers.

Moreover, Unicsoft’s end-to-end strategy to executing AI solutions for businesses begins with consulting and outlining an MVP. The experts’ team helps clients transform their businesses with robust AI solutions. Unicsoft helps customers understand which AI solution is best for their project. With thoroughly planning, the developers provide the project’s architecture to future-proof your company by significantly lowering costs on scaling and integrations.

Using AI, the team strives to bring your customer acquisition and UX to the next level. This also includes AI-powered chatbots that are ages ahead of traditional script-based bots regarding information relevancy and UX. From applicant screening to direct calls and even interviewing, the team helps manufacturers multiple hiring and AI can fully automate on boarding stages.

Thus, transforming customers’ business with robust AI solutions, Unicsoft burgeons amongst the top AI companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

The review given by to GoodFirms confirms the potential of developers at Unicsoft.

In conclusion, Aleksey mentions that we always start our cooperation by exploring our customers’ business needs and looking for ways to satisfy them. We strive to give value through offering consulting services arranged in the form of product discovery. He also mentions that over 75% of our customers stay with us for a year and beyond or return to us after the project has finished and recommended us to their network.

To guarantee that we serve the needs of our customers to the fullest, every customer has a committed account manager on our end. This person helps to establish trust from the very beginning and achieve a synergy where everybody wins.

Moreover, we also strive to establish an effective process for addressing every customer query or concern by meeting with them regularly. We have sync-ups with customers conducted by account managers on a biweekly basis to support effective communication, share feedback, and proactively address all possible risks.

Lastly, Aleksey mentions that he is looking forward to maintaining collaborations, in which one needs to be professional, constantly evolving and learning, fair, and valuable.

Thus, having gone through the summary mentioned above described by Aleksey, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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