Unicsoft Rebranding — A New Chapter

Businesses change with time passing by; whether they grow or not, improve or go bankrupt — change is the only constant.

A decade ago, Unicsoft was a mere thought in our founder’s head. Back then, the organizational structure lacked cohesiveness and purpose.

However, back then, in 2013, the company and its founder, Aleksey Zavgorodniy, knew one thing — it’s all about serving the clients. This was reflected in the key statement of the company where we were “working for the prosperity of our customers”. By providing services of the highest quality, cutting costs in relation to the Western competition, and rapping it up in a transparent package: Unicsoft has made a name for itself — a friendly, talented off-shore development company.

Unicsoft website 2003

Unicsoft website circa 2013

As the company grew in size, so did its technology stack and staff. We have secured our place as an expert company in such technological fields as Blockchain and AI; worked with a range of companies from automotive and fintech to gambling industries. As a company, Unicsoft became more public, showcasing its transparency to the world. The website was designed with the ease of use and clarity in mind dividing the services into two distinct categories: dedicated team and product development.

Unicsoft website in 2016

Unicsoft website circa 2016

The beginning of 2019 has marked yet another change for Unicsoft. We have updated our range of services based on our clients’ past and anticipated needs:

  • Technical Consulting
  • UX/UI Design & Consulting
  • Dedicated Team
  • Software Product Delivery
  • Product Support & Maintenance
Unicsoft Logo Change

Unicsoft’s Logo Change

Many of our clients have started working on projects incorporating IoT and Machine Learning technologies, enabling our tech team to showcase what Unicsoft stands for — quality and personal approach over quantity. While we do not intend to be a jack-of-all-trades type of company, with carefully scaling the business, we are able to retain professionals with skills ranging from C++ and MatLab to Swift and Julia.

Our vision for the foreseeable future has been clearly defined by our long-standing culture:

We strive to become a recognized expert in the world of digital transformation by engaging and nurturing talented people to empower businesses to innovate, serving as the most reliable, ethical, and caring partner.

Our objective is to become the go-to partner for software development, a one-stop shop for companies of any size in selected markets.

Our core values resonate in what we do each day:

  • We get things done

We strive for success through proficiency in performance, result-focused attitude, and high standards of achievement.

  • We learn continuously

We achieve proficiency through continuous learning of better ways to do things and implementing improvements.

  • We care

Understanding and personal approach differentiate Unicsoft from the competition. We seek to understand our customers, their businesses and goals, as well as our team’s larger goals in life and career. We facilitate the accomplishment of these goals to the best of our ability.

  • We commit to excellence

We are the people with the right attitude to achieve high standards. We are striving to be excellent in a landscape of change.

While we are aiming for the Moon, we deliver our day-to-day services with transparency, clarity, and most importantly — care for you.

Unicsoft Team