Unicsoft 2021: A Year of Growth & Achievement

Unicsoft is a passionate team of people that aims to help businesses and individuals succeed and achieve sustainable growth through personal dedication and technical expertise. We are committed to excellence, constant improvement, and the development of our skills and processes. These help us grow and inspire love and loyalty from employees and customers.


In this blog post, we are excited to share our yearly achievements. When looking back at everything we achieved in 2021, our joint successes are sure to keep everyone motivated and ready for new challenges and victories in 2022. 

Achievements Inside the Company

The first thing we consider essential is the critical development of our sales team and strong SDR team. Our sales team has successfully landed 43 new contracts during this past year!

A range of exciting and beneficial business trips helped us maintain and improve relationships with our clients and partners. 

  • We conducted two business trips to Spain — Segovia in June and Madrid in October. 
  • And to Germany and Austria in October. 

During these trips, we met with a range of our clients and partners: 

  • SoccerCoin in Vienna
  • Aduk and lead Marco Both in Munich
  • Hans Dahn, Ingo Hillenbrand, and Mark Dollar in Berlin 
  • Our sales team also traveled to our partners in Germany — YAPU, eNote, AFC, Metadesign, IoT Venture, etc.

Learning new skills and exchanging knowledge is always a priority for a company seeking to achieve new heights. On November 3, we took part in an exciting Blockchain conference — Blockchain UA. We met experts in the field and forged new connections and opportunities.

During the year, we expanded and developed new departments to help better organize operational processes: 

  1. Significantly expanded the business analysis department
  2. Expanded the DevOps department with architecture specialists 
  3. Formed a team of blockchain experts

By expanding the geography of our full-time staff, we became globally diversified. In 2021, professionals from four more countries — Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Brazil — joined our team. What’s more, we hired twice as many full-time employees compared to previous years. With minimal losses, we overcame The Great Resignation, which was a time of loss for almost every company in the world.

Team Distribution

We consider employees as the driving force of Unicsoft. In 2021, we dedicated greater efforts to finding new talents and developing a community of professionals in the sphere. 

  • We published articles on DOU.ua, which were viewed and commented on by more than 20,000 representatives of the Ukrainian IT community 
  • We also launched our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram
  • We’ve updated our career portal 

Thanks to the hard and passionate work of every employee, by the end of 2021, we increased our project portfolio by three times — 46 projects! We also doubled the share of the business projects in the structure of the company’s income. In November, the revenue from business projects was higher than the outstaffing business. 

Unicsoft’s External Achievements and Awards

What about our external processes? Well, we have succeeded in this area as well!

  • For the second half of 2021, Unicsoft’s GPM rose by an average of 35% 
  • Unicsoft entered the Top 3 (according to DOU.ua) for IT Employers in Ukraine. 

We also received some important industry awards:

  1. Unicsoft became an Official AWS Partner
  2. We completed international certifications: ISO9001 and ISO27001
  3. Unicsoft now holds several other certifications for Blockchain and AI

And we have remained at the top of Clutch and GoodFirms for AI and Blockchain!

Our team has come a long way this year. That’s why we decided to take a joint vacation with warm communication in a new environment. In doing so, we ended up in a five-star hotel in Turkey! 

Our Plans for the Future

In 2022, we will continue to keep the pace. We plan to return to previous lead volumes by returning to the top GF and Clutch listings positions. And one of our main objectives is to maintain and improve partnerships with existing clients.

New contracts, clients, trips, and departments… We had quite a busy and exciting year. And what’s more — we are proud of the challenges and achievements that helped us grow and achieve new internal and external heights. 

Many thanks to our team, partners, and clients. We couldn’t make it without your mutual support, understanding, and confidence that we are moving in the right direction.