Outsourcing blockchain development services in Ukraine

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Blockchain development

The success of a blockchain-related project not only depends on the viability of the business idea but the software development team that requires in-depth expertise and particular skills. The web 3.0 revolution and the rise of the Global Blockchain market projected to reach $34 billion by 2026 have created the escalating need for skilled professionals. Blockchain technology has already paved its way into multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, real estate, automotive, etc.

The dynamic nature of the industries coupled with the rapid adoption of blockchain technology ensures the ever-growing need for proficient blockchain developers. But what to do if there aren’t enough specialists in the local market? You can take advantage of outsourcing. 

Outsourcing software development in Ukraine 

Eastern Europe has become a central software development hub for American and Western European tech businesses in the last decade. And Ukraine is now one of the top destinations for outsourcing software development services due to its developers’ experience, knowledge, and skills. And while Ukraine may be at the top of many company lists like HackerRank, Gartner, and Global Services Location Index, what are the reasons a US-based business would choose to partner with a blockchain software development vendor from Ukraine?

More facts and stats:

The Ukrainian IT industry is growing fast. It’s an ideal fit for those who are looking for a good price-to-quality ratio. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits offered to your business when partnering with a blockchain development company from Ukraine.

Why it’s better to outsource blockchain development services to Ukraine


Cost efficiency 

When compared with other Eastern European countries like Poland and Czechia, Ukraine offers the best ratio of price and quality. The average hourly rate varies from $50 to $99 for blockchain development services — significantly lower than in Western Europe and the U.S. 

Some would argue that it’s possible to find cheaper rates by outsourcing to particular Asian countries. But there is another issue to consider — the quality of the code. 

Access to the largest pool of blockchain specialists 

According to a 2021 Ukraine IT Report, there are more than 285,000 IT specialists in Ukraine. Each year, more than 23,000 university graduates join the ever-growing IT sector. They are versed in the most popular blockchain coding skills and technologies:

  • Blockchain technologies
  • High-level programming languages like C++, Golang, Python, etc.
  • Cryptography and security standards 
  • Peer-to-peer networking and distributed systems
  • Smart contracts 
  • Blockchain data structures 

 With the Ukrainian IT market, you get access to every programming language and technology you need for your blockchain development project. 

As stated in the latest report by DOU, the Ukrainian platform for developers and IT specialists, Ukrainian tech specialists have an average of 3-5 years of experience and well-rounded education. In fact, cryptography is lectured at most tech universities in Ukraine. 

Ukraine has the highest crypto adoption in Europe and fourth globally

Statista’s latest report shows that Ukraine has become a European center for cryptocurrency adoption. The current situation propelled the adoption of crypto in Ukraine since people from all over the world are using crypto assets to send aid to Ukraine. 

The fact that Ukraine is pioneering the innovations is confirmed by the existence of various blockchain communities like KUNA Bitcoin Agency and dozens of blockchain events gathering leading developers, entrepreneurs, and startup founders. 

Contribution to blockchain adoption worldwide

Ukrainian blockchain development companies take part in various global projects. Unicsoft is a member of the ICONET advisory board that works on improving transport and logistics across Europe with the help of blockchain technologies. Unicsoft also participated in the project coordinated by the University of Nicosia – DLT4All’s. Its main purpose is to enhance understanding of the potential usage of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) for entrepreneurs, SMEs, students, investors, and incubator managers.

High quality of management and recruitment for blockchain projects

Blockchain is on the rise in Ukraine though it’s at an early stage of development in the world. So, it’s still a challenge to find battle-tested and experienced blockchain developers. To add more, the demand for blockchain specialists is getting higher, and the market cannot satisfy the ever-growing need. 

With over 10 years of blockchain experience, Unicsoft has ultimate access to skilled blockchain developers and immersive expertise. We’re pioneering the world of blockchain technologies and delivering cutting-edge solutions like p2e games, NFTs, among the first on the market. Our management team is doing amazing work and manages to deliver the most innovative and complex blockchain solutions on time. 

World-renowned blockchain projects developed in Ukraine

Despite the fact that blockchain is just entering the market, the number of Ukrainian blockchain solutions disrupting the world is gradually increasing. Here’s a short list of blockchain-based solutions brought to the world by Ukrainians:

Cex.io is a secure and trusted bitcoin and crypto exchange built in Ukraine. The platform enables buyers and traders to buy, sell, borrow, and earn crypto. Cex.io supports a wide range of assets and features advanced features. 

KUNA is a Ukrainian crypto exchange that allows you to buy and sell the most popular crypto coins. The platform’s functionality goes far beyond exchange services and allows for collecting, fundraising, and sorting crypto. Users can send cryptocurrencies all over the world and exchange assets with other Kuna users. 

Convenient time zone and strategic geography

Besides cost-quality ratio and expertise, convenient time zone and location are other important factors you still have to consider while choosing where to outsource blockchain development services. 

If your vendor is situated on the other side of the world, it’ll be hard to find overlapping working hours for both parties to communicate. When speaking about the U.S., Ukraine is 7-8 hours ahead of most U.S. states. It may seem difficult to communicate, but most of Unicsoft’s clients are from the U.S. and all of them are satisfied with the communication and our work. 

The growth of the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market 

The tech market of Ukraine is growing at a blistering pace. Over the last few years, the volume of its export tripled. During this time, Ukraine has attracted global companies like Boeing and Samsung. Regardless of size and business spheres, companies across the globe consider Ukraine as a strategic outsourcing platform. 

We are ready to turn your ideas into robust blockchain-based solutions right now

Why choose Unicsoft for your blockchain development project?

We’ve already reviewed the Ukrainian software outsourcing market and the key reasons why companies opt for outsourcing blockchain development services to Ukraine.

Over the years, Ukraine’s small agencies have grown into global outsourcing vendors. Unicsoft is an award-winning blockchain development company providing software development services to companies of various business domains since 2005. Here’s why the U.S. and Western European companies choose Unicsoft:

  • Top-rated blockchain development company 

Unicsoft is rated as a top blockchain development company. Gartner featured Unicsoft as one of the best consultancy providers. Clutch and Hackermoon also named Unicsoft among the top blockchain development companies. According to Goodfirms, Unicsoft was recognized as Top 1 blockchain development company. 

  • 10+ years of blockchain development expertise 

Unicsoft has been a pioneer in the blockchain development market and has become a prominent expert in emerging technologies at the moment. While others are just entering the market, our battle-hardened developers have already built custom solutions utilizing the latest blockchain technologies and domains like NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, DeFi, hyperledger, and others. 

  • Dozens of completed blockchain projects 

We develop a spectrum of blockchain-based solutions like NFT marketplaces, play-to-earn games, DeFi projects, crypto wallets, supply chain automation with blockchain, etc. Our blockchain developers have already delivered dozens of successful solutions. Here are the projects we are proud of:

  • Crypto analytics tool for MakerDAO. Our team has developed an automated ETL pipeline for data-driven decision making. MakerDAO is one of the famous DeFi projects with $5 billion locked as collateral and $2 billion DAI in circulation. 
  • AlphaWallet is a gold-sourced Ethereum wallet for tokenized assets management that raised $2.3 million of investments. Recently, AlphaWallet has become the most-forked (500+ forks) and fully open-source EVM wallet. 
  • SoccerCoin is an NFT-based solution for sports. SoCo can be used for payments, receiving and redeeming rewards, discounts, buying and selling NFTs, and more. 

Technologies and tools used for blockchain development at Unicsoft 

Full compliance with industry standards 

Final words 

As one of the most promising destinations for IT outsourcing, Ukraine will continue to offer the best price/quality ratio and access to the largest pool of talented blockchain specialists. If you need a blockchain-based solution for your business regardless of its sphere and size, Unicsoft developers can power up your project with experienced experts and professional management. 

At Unicsoft, we continue to surprise our clients by delivering top-quality blockchain projects that exceed their expectations like NFT marketplaces, track-and-trace solutions, dApps, NFT and blockchain games, blockchain wallets and solutions, etc. And we are ready to turn your ideas into robust blockchain-based solutions right now.