Big Data and Data Science services

AI companies create an ultimate competitive advantage for innovators inside existing or emerging businesses. Let’s make the most effective and profitable use of Big Data for your innovative sustainable growth.

Obtain new revenue streams by testing hypotheses and rapid prototyping

Under our full management AI development & Machine Learning services already helped some of our clients to grow their startup into a profitable business and get acquired by enterprises.

Onboard the Top 3% Big Data Engineers & Data Scientists in Eastern Europe

Empower your team with the best minds, carefully selected with advanced evaluation process of experienced Big Data company.

Become agile and flexible to win competition

The world is highly volatile today and will never be the same. We allocate your team within just 10 days without recruiting hassle and overhead costs.

Innovate Fast With Our Big Data Expertise

You'll cut your time to market and will be constantly aware of risks, threats, and beneficial opportunities with the help of big data professional services.

Unicsoft is a reliable big data services company that crafts and monetizes big data to succeed in competitive markets. To provide top-notch data science and AI services we combine traditional analytics approaches with innovative technologies in AI and Machine Learning.

Case studies
Big data Solutions

Proven Industry Capabilities


  • Detect health risks in time and prevent adverse events before they happen by synthesizing various data received from the wearable devices.
  • Use AI in preventive medicine to predict the diagnosis and detect spreading of diseases early.
  • Monitor and rate healthcare providers’ effectiveness.


  • Use predictive analysis to detect trends and prevent items from going out of stock.
  • Provide users with a smooth online shopping experience with automatic correct PLU categorization.
  • Improve your customer engagement and loyalty based on behavioral analysis.


  • Personalized scoring, data-driven risks, and portfolio management.
  • Fraud prediction and prevention, Anti Money laundering via patterns analysis.
  • Detection of potential data breaches.

Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Predict and prevent logistics failures and out of stock issues.
  • Reduce expenses for inefficiencies in last-mile delivery and optimize routes.
  • Anticipate future customer orders and automate warehouses and supply chain.
  • Real-time fleet management and preventive maintenance.

User Mobility

  • Deep customer insights on user behaviour offline with mobility and travel analytics.
  • Hyper-personalised marketing real time with On-device Machine Learning and Eagle AI for data privacy.
  • Driving assistance, traffic forecasting, and Computer Vision or Crowdsourcing-based parking.

Big data and data science analytics services

Behavioral analytics
Behavioral analytics

Gather insights on customer behavior and use them to exceed their expectations

Business intelligence
Business intelligence

Support all of your business operations with real-time interactive reports

Predictive and preventive analysis
Predictive and preventive analysis

Reduce risks and detect trends before they emerge

Machine learning
Machine learning

Create neural networks and teach them to solve problems and predict outcomes

ETL and data warehousing
ETL and data warehousing

Collect heterogeneous data from various sources and store it properly

Natural language processing
Natural language processing

Automate context and sentiment analysis from texts and voice to get structured insights for decision-making

Data cleansing
Data cleansing

Prepare data for analysis by maximizing of its accuracy

Data mining and enrichment
Data mining and enrichment

Make more informed decisions by enhancing your existing data with third party’s one

Computer vision
Computer vision

Acquire and process images and video, detect and verify objects, analyze this data for further interactions

Meet the Unicsoft team

No extra costs for recruiting hassle and handover

100 core trusted developer team with a proven track record and 1,000 pre-qualified developers in our pool for quick onboarding upon request.

Maximum alignment and fusion between teams

We host workshops online and in Kyiv during important project phases. Our team can work onsite up to 3 months within a 6-month period in the EU or the US, and up to 30 days within a 3-month period in Singapore.

Delegate your unconventional tasks

Our group of QA experts has high personal dedication, besides doing their standard tasks, perform jogging, walking, and riding a bike in any weather and season to test your solutions.