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Unicsoft team are caring and passionate technology professionals who bring startups to success. Our goal is to make your product technologically perfect to fit the market ASAP and bring business results. Since 2005 we have been the most reliable and trusted partner of SOSsitter, Intellinote, Kokoro, Soraa and other 50 startups in the US, Singapore, London and the EU.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain

Our AI development & Machine Learning services have already helped some of our clients grow their startups into a profitable business and get acquired by enterprises.

Boost sustainable growth of your business with the Unicsoft team.

We help startups and medium-sized companies select, build and deploy the right distributed ledger technology for sustainable innovative growth.

Modernize your business with blockchain by adding transparency, automation, and efficiency.

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Wanda Health
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Empower Sustainable Innovation

Unicsoft is recognized as a top Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence company. We help startups build sustainable software solutions saving up to 60% overhead costs and speeding their time to market by 30%. Excellent client experience is our priority, achieved via clear and timely communication, delivery on promises and extra mile attitude. It feels like we are next door.

Level of commitment in terms of follow up on ideas/discussions, providing subject matter experts on short notice and hospitality has given a very positive feeling towards the capability of Unicsoft personnel and confidence in their business processes.

Benny Low
Xypher Pte, Singapore

Success Cases

    HR tool that helps to understand company morale, climate, and culture

    Kokoro is a start-up that has created an innovative HR tool which is a fast, intuitive and simple way to listen, understand and evolve team/organisational culture for generation touch.

    KOKORO Mobile Application
    Home cooking marketplace

    Hoodifood is Uber of home cooking. There are talented cooks on every street corner, so why not to let them feed you and your family? It is a “sharing economy” business where neighbours cook food for their neighbours. Find a meal that fits your tastes

    HOODIFOOD Web Development
    Marketplace for Automotive industry

    GoForIt is a marketplace that provides information and technical details about used cars from auctions to potential buyers.

    GOFORIT Mobile Application

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